For all the players crying about T1 T2 honing chances

I’ve been reading a lot of posts crying about the honing chance and how their friends are quitting the game because of that.

Like this is not the same with WOW? (It is actually better than WOW)

How many weeks, if not months one needs to spend to get the piece of gear they are looking for in WOW? not to mention how many wipes they need to go through during the process and when they actually killed the freaking boss, they loot the boss and got 35g?

A lot of people(including myself) spend weeks clearing raid/dungeons in wow and end up not getting even ONE piece of gear, wasted the entire CD for the week, and hope for the best the following week.

In lost ark, each failure increases your success rate meaning that you are guaranteed to progress before reaching the current T3 endgame.

Therefore, if you are that kind of player, feel free to just uninstall the game and move on. Becasue you are not prepared for what’s coming and in fact, you are not prepared to play any loot based MMORPG.

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Hey are you doing ok? I’ve been seeing lots of agressive posts and replies lately from you abusing caps lock and bold letters.

You really love to bounce around thread to thread calling people worthless nobodies and trying to project your opinion like it means anything more than anybody elses.

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he is just a kid, need atention

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he is just a kid, need ATTENTION

You forgot to bold and capitalize something to make your point really stand out

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but they are right.
We will get tier 1/2/3 nerfs, and sooner than other regions cause they had the bright idea to launch the game with Tier 3 content already.

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Classic - people wanting stuff handed to them :(.

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What you mean is how much time is to get those gears in end game in WoW.

You never ever grind for legacy content gear except for transmog.

After you reach T3 , you still have long way to go wth honing + gearing.

idk, just let people play and discover that by themselves. It should be clear by now that no random forum post will make people realize if a game is to their liking or not. But I agree, many will leave in the coming weeks when they discover that honing rates at the endgame are much slower than before.

And thats okay by the way. Its okay that people will leave because of that, and its okay that the system is what it is. “Better” is in this case a very subjective term and there are a lot of alternatives out there if someone thinks that the honing system in Lost Ark is a dealbreaker.

For me, personally (didn’t pay anything apart from founders packs, working 40h a week and being ilvl 1331 right now), its absolutely alright. :person_shrugging:

Nope, in wow you will be progressing through for example wow 9.0 — 9.4.
You are still progressing through .1 to .4 and .1 is considered legacy when .2 comes out and people still need the gears from .1 to go to .2. so therefore, It is the same thing.

I just got to t2 today and so far, enhancing your gear in Lost Ark is extremely forgiving. The people that are complaining about honing success rate clearly hasn’t experienced your hard earned gear losing enhancement levels or the item getting destroyed in the process before. All you need is patience, materials, time, and a little bit of luck. In order to get iLVL 600 for t2, you need to +15 your t1 armors and weapon. +13 to +14 has a base success rate of 50% while +14 to +15 is 40% and those rates are pretty damn good if you ask me. Just use those stones to boost your success rate to 50% when trying for +15 and pray to the rng jesus lol.

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The game will be made easier, just like it is in Korea! :slight_smile: This will be good for new players and old players alike.

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“Why are you crying about a bad mechanic in this game? Look at this other game that is bad, it also has this bad mechanic!!!”