For anyone who says honing sucks

wait until you try to craft your BIS stone.

I spent over 60k gold on stones in the last week and can’t get a 6/6 to save my fucking life

Im offically done with this game and the fake rates.


Imagine wasting 60k on legendary stones


Imagine complaining about rng in an mmo lul

Damn, 60k on stones? How much did that cost you in real money? Because there is no way that someone who actually plays the game is blowing that much gold on legendary RNG stones, let alone RNG stones that are getting replaced in a month.


bro its like a 2k hp difference are u serious
60k on gems and a purp stone would have increased your dps more

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It did take me 6 stones to get a 6/6 which did cost around 5k gold. The best engravings on stones is not that expensive anymore.

Same here after 3 stones got an 6/6/2 stone.

Maybe he spend 60k Silver, 60k gold is heavy. :o

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well i hope u didnt use that stupid “casino stone calculator” thats going arround the web. because it shows realy stupid things. i hit a 7/6/2 on my first legendary t3 stone. been using it since then

Lmfao noob trap. Every MMO every always has players this gullible and it’s great because we get to make money off people’s inability to think for all of 5 seconds. :joy:

Is that 60k including the pheon tax? Cuz that’s the worst thing about your spending that no one has mentioned. You wasted a fuck ton of pheons for no reason

Stone calculators are just visual aids/training wheels for people who have trouble remembering what to tap when based on what’s most valuable to them.

There’s absolutely nothing suspect about them. They simply tell you where your best odds are.

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I’ve used them, they help me, but obviously it’s rng at the end of the day lol

Of course. They just help you visualize/speed up the process. It’s still always gonna be 75% at best.

I spent around 10-20k going for a 6-6. Around 100 pheons aswell lol. Finally got one so i hsve 4x3. Now ill just save the rest of my stuff. Rng is a pain on stones though. Even the one i finally got has 4 negatives due to htting at 45/35/25/25 lmfao

max roll has an ability stone calculator by the way if anyone reading this doesnt know