For anyone wondering what support answer looks like when asking for your packs on EUW

Andrea [3:17:26 PM] : Hello, my name is Andrea. I’m here to help you today.
Andrea [3:17:26 PM] : Are you contacting us about Lost Ark or New World?

Me [3:17:40 PM] : Hello, I’m contacting you about Lost Ark

Andrea [3:17:51 PM] : Please tell me how can I assist you

Me [3:18:52 PM] : I’ve bought a vanquisher starter pack on EUC, serveur Calvasus.
Me [3:18:52 PM] : However due to the queues problem (that might not be resolved anytime soon), my group of friends and I resolved to restart a new character on EUW
Me [3:19:44 PM] : What I’m asking, is to have a copy of the pack I bought on EUC sent to me on EUW to compensate the loss of time and money
Me [3:20:22 PM] : I’ll also take a refund, or a coupon or anything

Andrea [3:22:49 PM] : Lost Ark purchases are non refundable, I am so sorry for the inconvenient.
Andrea [3:22:49 PM] : We can not move the Vanquisher pack that you purchase more than a week ago and we are not able to give you a new one.

Me [3:23:54 PM] : So you reckon I effectively lost 65€ in the process of accomodating you by transferring? Just so you know I’ll show this answer on the forums.
Me [3:24:42 PM] : Can you not do anything for me? I invested time and money into the game and I just have to suck it up now?

Andrea [3:26:22 PM] : You can find more information in the Amazon Games Terms of Use:

Me [3:28:06 PM] : This is not helping at all, and you know it.
Me [3:28:40 PM] : Either you don’t understand the situation or you were asked to bury you head in the sand.
Me [3:28:40 PM] : I’m not satisfied by any of these positions.

Andrea [3:31:49 PM] : I am sorry that you are not satisfied with the response, but that is the response that we have about refunds of Lost Ark. You were also requesting to have a new vanquish pack and there is no option for us to sent a new one for the one you purchase on February 11. I already give you the response on what you asked and I am sorry that there is nothing else I can do.


Thank you for the share. Not surprised considering AGS literally doesn’t give a sh*t about its EU customers. Vote with your wallet and don’t give them ANY CENT anymore.


Real talk tho, why wouldn’t they make everything you purchased available on both regions?

It’s not like region transfer exists so people could transfer things from one region to another or anything. A new region means effectively starting fresh, so with that stance they expect us to buy the packs again? But then why does crystalline aura work on both regions? Things make no sense…


I opened a web ticket and got the exact same answer for the same problem. I bought the same pack and some days after that I moved to EUW due to the problems in EUC. Now it seems that we just lost the money because the terms of use apply to us but not to them: so now I have a pack in a server in which I cannot properly play (but hey, they are sorry!).

This has made me lose most of my interest in the game to tell the truth but oh well, that’s life I guess.


Do you know how to respond these bad practices? You vote with your wallet


My issue is this … NOT ONLY can you NOT get the Vanquisher Starter Pack (or any of the others) transferred over or refunded somehow, but you CANNOT purchase another on the server you transferred to as it sends you to the Steam store and you CANNOT purchase/obtain more than 1 of the same packs per account!!!
This is total BS on their behalf!


Wow! That is just infuriating.


Hi dear customer, we already have your money, fuck you


Wow really? That’s even more f’d up Oo

That’s right, but still, I’m not sure I’d want to buy it a second time because… I already paid for it.

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EU consumer laws provide you with the following key rights:

  • You have the right to truthful advertising
  • You have the right to have faulty goods repaired or replaced
  • You have the right to contracts without unfair clauses
  • You have the right to return most goods purchased online within 14 days
  • You have the right to access goods and services on the same terms as local customers
  • You have the right to free assistance from European Consumer Centres for problems with a trader based within the EU/EEA

legally you can get a refund


Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

Under the EU Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices 2005/29/EC, sellers must give you enough accurate information to allow you to make an informed decision (that is, a decision based on facts). Sellers must not use unfair, misleading or aggressive trading practices. The Directive came into effect in 2005.

A commercial practice is considered ‘unfair’ if it:

  • Is misleading, giving false information or leaving out important information
  • Is aggressive, putting pressure on you to buy

it should have been stated the limitedaccess to your purchase due to delays entering game


Exactly. Aura works across regions. It’s a premium feature. Skin is premium feature also. It does not work cross-region. What gives?

But in my case, they won’t even take the money for a second pack on the server I transferred to :joy: :rofl: :joy:
It’s like a screw you & screw you more situation


Imho, skins should be account wide, as they are purely a cosmetic


And legally they can ban you if you force a refund through a chargeback. AGS is clever enough to cover their ass through the terms and conditions you’ve already accepted.

This had already been explained in the numerous posts before they created EUW, same with the huge post AGS wrote prior to its release too…

They had already said you would get nothing prior to releasing EUW…

How on earth did you think it would be any different now? shrugs lol


Exactly! And if they were I would be more inclined to start over again in West since I already bought skins from the chash shop for $$.
But I’ll never buy the same thing twice. That’s just stupid.

Esto es increíble, perdemos tiempo y dinero por transferirnos a EUW…Amazon debería devolver el dinero.

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Well, yeah, it is now perfectly clear that we were getting nothing either way: you lose everything for starting in a new region in which you could at least play; or you can stay in a region in which you cannot play and, therefore, neither make proper use of your purpchase (and that if you were lucky enough to have your aura active). A perfect plan it seems.

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if you force a chargeback yes, but the legal way is, they should give a refund themselves, which for some unknown reason they are not

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