For big updates, time to improve instead of downgrade

Please tell them to make a beta server and you do everything a day before… solves these endless loops of being down with the servers.

People taking off day, waiting to play from already 4 hours, then delay by 2 hours, then 2x delay by 1 hour

average person cost 70 euro/dollars an hour, compensate of 280 euro/dollars? :slight_smile:

i’m just joking here, but to be fair are they ever going to learn to improve big updates time wise.

  • Get beta server
  • Test updates
  • upgrade notes were great, but the bully from last night message that it was impossible to ourroll the update to endless deathloop of waiting is terrible. April fools is not yet on the corner.
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How a small indie company like Amazon is supposed to do that? Servers are expensive mate!

They are billionaire company, if they can’t do one extra server but they can merge servers. It’s a joke.

I mean until they implement stuff like what you’ve suggested, If you gonna take the day off rather do it a day or 2 after the official release date, because history has shown that day one never goes well XD

Brel took the cake lol

tbh they can just say 8 hours estimate all the time and be fine

PTR means nothing if SG decides to give them the update a day before maintenance. You ever see PTR on the KR server? They ALWAYS take place for a few days before making it to live. SG simply does not care and uses AGS as shield to deflect on the hate.