For EUW movers, what about the crystals we spent, or mounts we bought on EUC? Or worse the 1 time purchase store stuff


Some major issues with your new servers.

  1. No royal crystals refund. They’re just gone.
  2. What about the mount I bought, its claimed in EUC and doesn’t move to EUW with me.
  3. What about the 1 time purchase high value shop items, such as the Level 50 Complete Pack. I bought it and claimed in EUC before you announced the EUW servers. Now I cannot buy it again in EUW because its 1 per account.

Couple those 3 with the sheer time wasted, and this is awful.

Trouble for me is, my friends already moved. They’ve begun on the new servers and aren’t coming back. This is an MMO, its about playing with your friends and you’ve basically split communities in half with your terrible, half-baked solution.

I’m logging out, won’t be back until you actually fix the game. Can’t even imagine the long term money you are losing yourselves with these utterly catastrophic launch decisions.

I literally just contacted the assistance, and I asked to transfer my vanquisher pack on eu west, and even said I could buy the pack on the new region first and then get my money back as a fairness proof, they told me to contact steam, contacted steam
they told me to contact amazon
holy shit.
So basically, to sum up : wasted one week of my life, to then switch region, and get my pack scammed.
Not even asking for a full refund or whatever, just asking for either the transfer of the pack, or to buy it on the new region and get the money back from the old region.

I completly agree with you that they should refund all of it to us if we swap to euW. If this is their only fix then that is a fucking given.

But the feels we get from Amazon is LOL GG Get fucked.

Yeah, it seems this way. I will never buy another Amazon Games product. New World then this, they’re 2 for 2 on absolutely tragic MMO launches. I have no faith in them to deliver either compensation OR a good experience at this point.

So they want people to move , but cant help you other than that . Company is a waste of space. Cant someone else take this over and sort it properly ? AGS cant handle it obviously.

They are 3 for 3, before New World was this shooter game called Crucible, it was released then it was so bad that they went back and turned released game back into beta and then they deleted the game and refunded all money spent on it.