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Hello guys,

After that post about my account been banned I decided to start over with those 2 Events, so let’s move on…

I wanna know from Moderator if use DPS Meter is legal, just for my knowledge.

I don’t use that but I know some players that use and said that is ok nothing gonna happens

Legal: yes, you aren’t breaking any laws.

Allowed: no, AGS does not allow it and you can get banned from using it.

Truth: Nothing will happen if you don’t flaunt it or use it in ways that people reports you. I’ve seen people use it for months now, even posting about it in discords and never heard of someone getting banned for it.

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what you got banned for ?

As far as policy goes the DPS meter is not permitted by AGS and they can ban you at any time for using it. The DPS meter also doesn’t make any effort to circumvent detection so it’s assumed that EAC knows you use it if you do.

They haven’t taken any action against the meter yet but that can change at any time so it’s always a “at your own risk” situation.

I’m asking because I heard a rumor about Deathless Legion reward that some players use DPS Meter to know how much damage you did on Legion Commander to know the exact mechanics exact moment this way they don’t die. It means they are using some illegal program to get that since it shows the damage and you can calculate as it has the same moment for the mech

I’m not here to talk abot something useless for me now. Also who try to help knows, if you don’t know. I’m very sorry I won’t talk about it anymore

I knew that any MMO won’t all third part program, that’s why I ask because that weird Detahless Players getting it easy using DPS Meter

is there is a dps meter use it, ags/sg is so incompetent they don;t even know shit.
shieeet you’re playing an online game, what they “allow” you to do isn’t even real!

As I see AGS and SG they have a language barrier between them that screw everything. They barelly understand english and korean LOL

Well… That’s the point it’s illegal as AGS EULA and DPS Meter is being used by some players to do Deathless Legion Raid to acquire the Title and the rewards in general. In general they are cheating to get it easily

It’s simply against the Terms of Service.

The same way the Mobalytics overlay is against the Terms of Service.

There is nothing illegal or immoral about using either of them, but if AGS/SG decides to ban you for it, then so be it.

if you have evidence of ppl using it, feel free to report them.
I am not sure how using DPS meter would trivialize deathless runs tho.
You seem little obsessed by what other ppl do, and this mindset of “look, he cheats, i have to do it too” is what likely got you banned in the first place and the sole reason of this thread is that you are pissed you got caught while others didn’t. So much about preaching about morality

after a full year of game being overran by bots and RMT i find it quite funny stuff like DPS meter is the biggest issue for anyone, let alone AGS

Bruh OP is on some rambling rampage in this thread. It’s the same answer as always, you are not allowed to use dps meter, but if you use necessary precautions you’ll be safe and not get banned. I am sure it’s waaaaaaay further down the list of issues AGS want to tackle

Nop, my ban wasn’t about cheating. It was a “false” Amazon indictment for something never happened