For me is starting to get boring


(Contest): was doing a MM kunge on my alt, got matched with a 90ish roster (maybe returning or new player idk) and he didn’t know that you are supposed to say what you wanna use poor guy got warned and they wanted to kick him ofc since im not a bad guy i still wanted to do my clear without restarting or kick him. At the end they kept going with look guide and blabla, how people say the game will die or it doesn’t get new player base if ppl get “blasting them off”.

I know some people may say if you don t look at the guide we don’t help/take you to the raid but, even for “simple” guardian raids come on… for the sake of blind prog or ppl don t know what to do, let ppl enjoy the game or at least try to solve the “puzzle”.

What if since we never got a guide and the people never talked about it would they just play the game or quit because they can’t prog… we are playing the game and doing some stuff because streamers or content creators are sharing stuff but if they never shared it with videos on my opinion most of ppl would’ve quitted the game already.


Just like legion raid, this kind of players should just go party finder instead if they want ppl to follow A GUIDE

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Ok but for how much the community went haed and already think of the future they don t even know that most of stuff can be done easly and maybe start to help out who needs help because they will never take ppl if they are new because they don t wanna get “slowed”

As i said guides should not be the center of the game, or at least brag about it if ppl don t wanna use or other stuff games used to be figured it out. Like today a new content has been released on KR or the previous one Voldike who told them how to do stuff? The guide? i don’t think so they figured it out by them selves so ppl can do the same.

If it’s just on guardian It’s whatever tf. If they use item, great, if not, we walk. The one that over reacting over a single damn phero is cringe asf. It’s a damn guardian daily, crazy to think walking 10s more to find a boss is a big problem now

that dude is an imbecile
reading a guide helps them in no way in the moment

i had one guy who didn’t understand the tech the other day and we explained 1> phero 1 c> corrosive
he said he didn’t know we explained

it doesn’t take much to be understanding of someone not knowing something

kicking someone for not using a battle item though is a douche move
we’ve all forgotten to use them sometimes it happens

you get distracted by family or anything really and you just blank out
it’s fine

my most insane experience though was in a party where everyone was on ilvl i was on my 1530 reaper (kungel)
people said 1-2 and someone flared
i didn’t type anything but i took corro

i imediately got warned twice before even reaching the boss :smiley:

I wonder why people like these don’t exist or very rarely show up in Caliligos. It’s always Kung.

Check the whole picture, you use a battleitem, what means a cost, other 2 person use it too, what means again cost. BUT!! one person does not tell anything at the start that “sorry guys, i wont throw anything, does it ok or let me out!”, he just know that wont use anything and enjoy the other 3 battleitem’s advantages. Everything will find out when he does not do his part.

So that person does not respect you, the group, only think about himself and not cool enough for say at the start that he is el cheapo, i dont want to play with a person, who does not respect me or my group mates. So warn and instant kick.

I agree. To many cheap people wont use battle items. Fine if you dont want to contribute run it alone. But if you join a group contribute to the group

Just wondering before the Elcheapo started did you even used battle items before it all started? because i don’t remember even my self using them before it all started. so stuff can be done without them this is just harsh and not respectfull kicking ppl out

These are the people who ruin the experience for every new and existing player leading them to quit, then they cry the game is dead and it needs more players.


Why? More faster (we lose more time with lobbies than random average players) and at the start we always clearify that we want to use battleitems or not.
In cases of 99% everybody know his role, problem is with that when somebody dont tell anything, just let you think that he know his part, but in the reality he just want to take advantage from others.

Would that be Europe by any chance?
For decades I’ve avoided playing with and on EU servers, because I really can’t stand their mentality. For the past year I’ve been reminded as to why I used to play on NA servers, better people IMO.

Anyway these occurrences are daily but if you report those people Amazon does nothing.
You’re likely to get banned instead because 2 people then reported you and that’s how Amazon deals with problems, more = better.

On the other hand I’m a older gamer, recently I was leveling a new character and doing the first two abyssal dungeons. There was a bard there that didn’t know the sword mech so I explained it thoroughly.

What was awesome to me was that he/she asked if it was ok that they didn’t know anything. It brought back happy memories, because exploring and adventuring together is what gaming is all about, not how high one’s item level.

The problem lies with mankind though, they want and seek more power, but can seldom handle it. What happens then it goes to their head and toxicity is the offspring of all.

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If you assume that the person who didn’t call anything is going to throw something, then that’s on you for making assumptions. If you want to organize battle item assignments, then you have party finder for that.

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MM’d Kung with 2 IRL buddies. I had done it already but was their first time, so they knew the call-outs, but apparently a 7.5 minute clear was too slow for the glaivier with 46% damage done. I admit, he carried my two DPS friends, but I get 45-50% on my deska alts all the time and don’t care.

“My time is valuable, unlike yours” is what he said. Oh also “go do Deskaluda until you get 6 piece.” I kid you not, that’s what he said.

I don’t care how good you think you are at the game…if you police MMing to that degree, you’re a PoS. This guy should make a party in partyfinder if he cares that much.

Meanwhile, tonight I did Kung on my 1470 artist. It was a gunlancer, paladin, artist and myself(again, artist.) I told them I’d go DPS spec, and we got a 9.5 minute kill with the GL at 55% and me with upright fighter. One of the other supports was simply impressed.

Point being: if you MM, don’t cry if you don’t get the best group. This is outside of people AFKing or simply leaving to make it harder on everyone else…those people are actually worse than the prior.

Too many edgelords playing this game… Lots of good people too, of course.

As for OP’s comments on guides, that’s not really something that anyone can control. There is definitely a sense of weariness when EVERY piece of content above entry level requires a guide or a dedicated learning group, but it is what it is…

The only solution IMO, are better social features in games. Most MMOs fail to create these spaces themselves, so it falls to discords to do it for them…which is kinda close to needing YT guides in the first place. Not inherently bad, but I do wish games would focus more on the ease of access for social gaming. It almost baffles my mind they aren’t doing it more already.


I am all for using items, and i use them in MM.
But i won’t shit on people that decide not to use them.
It’s MM and it was my decision to go with 3 randoms without party finder.

So no, in MM until he’s not afk and is fighting the guardian alongside other party members, he’s just fine.

Yep it is Europe i totally agree on what you say is kind of relieve helping others too we don t need to be aggro when we can help on stuff

To add to this, players are abusing the warning system instead of using it properly and when things don’t go their way (e.g if you don’t vote as they do) they’ll warn you instead.
I think Counter Strike 2 coming up in some months will do me good, we (family) needs a break from this game.

Just too much wrong, too many frustration and irritation, from company to community.

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That’s the beauty of it, I haven’t had so much fun for months now in this game.
It was more fun to me than dealing with Legion raid antics.

LMAO I actually had this happen in a boss rush a couple of days ago. Some berserker kept repeating for everyone to warn and kick the bot that was in the group. I didn’t warn because I wasn’t so sure it was a bot. He ended up warning me, so I just warned him back.

As I said, it works in 99% of cases.
Btw if you play in a group, you need to accept the common rules, if you dont do it, it’s fine, warn and instant kick. Thank you for free damage, for time but you wont get anything. I dont do any big problem from it, nobody will take any advantage from the group who does not respect the rules what accepted by the most of member in the group.

So yeah… when i am there, el cheapo cant win, just lose, time, and tbh it’s fine for me. :smiley: