For me, what would save this game

Dear ASG and Smilegate,

My wishlist:

  1. Artist (released as is so many other games have teen like characters). This game desperately needs more support and artist is a highly desired class.

  2. Mari’s shop. This game also desperately need skin variety and it would solve some of the complaints.

  3. Other skins, not just one every months. Released as is, we don’t need them to work for all classes.

  4. Lancemaster, also a highly desired class. Release them both at the same time first. Then give us two every months so we catch up to KR.

  5. T3 honing buff or more mats, don’t know what’s best. Let people catch up.

  6. New content like South Vern and Valtan.

  7. QOL like the back and front indicators and option to choose which skin to show on your characters, in KR you can have two on, one for the stats one to show.

  8. Make plans and stick to them. Let us know which dates we will get new roadmaps on. Would be nice to see Smilegate communicate with us together with ASG.

A player starting to loose hope and getting bored of certain aspects of the game

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still waiting for them to fix the bug that makes me not able to log into my summoner i made in november

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Reapers wont even get invited to groups. Why are you all excited for reaper ?

Let people enjoy things

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the game don`t need saving or fixing or changing or adding, everyone here in forum became like robots spamming same thing over and over oh this is bad that is bad, play the damn game or take a break.

Its as if world is coming apart and there is nothing better to do then spam feedback forum about how bored or unhappy you are while playing video game geez I check forum every day and every day its full of some bullshit and has nothing to do with the game what so ever.

If the game makes you so unhappy then dont play it. and one more thing dont refer to everyone or players or whatever when making posts. I like the game, play it and I dont lose any hope or getting bored of it.

no hard feelings.


The things you listed are basically things that will eventually come to our version. I agree though that they should release at least two classes this monthly patch. It be a huge plus.

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