For next skin launch, Make a poll

I would 100000% recommend AGS make a poll, and actually ADVERTISE this poll (Don’t make it a hidden poll that just the people who visit forums will find. Give some kind of information on it on server select screen or something). Find out what skins the actual community is INTERESTED in, instead of assuming that just because these are western regions that we don’t want Eastern types of skins. These skins are “ok” at best, and would have been much better received during a Halloween event of some sort. This is not Halloween. This is almost spring. Give us some early spring outfits, some eastern Uniforms. Would have been much better received than edgy Halloween skins in the middle of March.


I 100% agree with this as well as conducting polls to actually bring players the classes they want as well.

They could also just release all skins on the shop without the monthly skin cycle.

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Classes are a slightly different monster when it comes to releasing them. Some classes in KR don’t do well and need reworks. There’s also some that aren’t healthy because they are “play perfectly or you’re entirely useless” and these issues need to be addressed before such classes can/should be released in the new regions that still need training wheels. Unfortunately, Arcanist is one of those classes, and it was supposedly going to be the next class after Destroyer, per the roadmap leak.

Edit: I did a bad job reading. That’s on me. Please disregard.

It’s not a “vocal minority” if all players know about the poll and have access to it. If they Put up a News/Info section into the Server select screen that will link to official Webpage, every player will have the knowledge and opportunity to be vocal about what they’d like.
If they CHOOSE not to, and they don’t like what comes out, then that’s their fault. If their choice happens to unfortunately be low on the list and it doesn’t come out immediately, then it’s understandable to be upset about it, but they would see that the majority of players would prefer other things. Rather than AGS deciding arbitrarily that such and such skin would be released, and then EVERYBODY would be upset. That being said, they should limit the skins on the poll to maybe 3-5, so that the information is condensed rather than spread out over a dozen.

A poll would do 2 things on a basic level;
A: Give players a voice.
B: Give a preview of what’s being planned in advanced, and with THAT knowledge, MORE players would be able to plan in advanced and be able to purchase the skins they want when they are released.

Those who don’t want the next released skin can skip and save for when their preferred skin set is released and they’ll KNOW ahead of time that they can safely spend on other things, rather than waiting until last minute, finding out that the skin they want isn’t coming, and get screwed over.

Edit: Disregard this too.