For people in T3 who have nothing to do

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen a few people carrying guardian raids for free while leveling my alts and it was a great experience. It motivated me to do the same since it only takes ~5 minutes of your time and saves 15-20 minutes or more for others. T1 and T2 guardian raids are quite annoying in terms of time required.

So, for people who are crying that they have nothing to do at T3. Go & help others :slight_smile:


Sorry not gonna do it. People need to prove they beling in T3


i used to run t1/t2 guardian raids with my friends alts + 2 randos

i dont mind carrying random people along in itself,
but most of the time they will see that i out gear the content, and they just end up not using pots, dying and using up all the lives, and just lie there waiting for the easy win,
this happened so much that i got really sick of it, so now i just prefer to 2man the guardian raid with my friends alone

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I had the same thoughts for a while. The sad truth is that people who are not willing to learn mechs and improve will continue failing & crying. Most of them only use matchmaking and don’t even look at party finder.

For example, I did a few Tytalos runs and all 3 guys managed to counter his wipe mech by standing in the sandstorm. They used their flares, tried to counter etc.

I still dont get it how people Type T3 and nothing to do?
You need so Much mokoko, Island Hearts, Giant Hearts etc to get all Skill Points, Stat Increase Potion etc to be maxed out.
Every Body says he has nothing to do looks at GS and thats all.
Would be there a PvP where GS and Stats matter a player who would rly do to get every Skill Points, Stat Increase Potion will be much stronger with same gs. Even in PvE this person is much stronger, whats matter of you have more GS but not the stats.


yeah let me just log in every hour for half a year to do a 5 minute task there’s so much stuff to do

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Its stuff to do, and only island heart are time gated, but if you do stuff between it you can manage you time got. So dont say there is no stuff

The amount of collectibles u need to do to get skill points that inc ur dmg and, una task’s that unlock stuff and adventure tomes to give u more stats for rapport npc, and to say there is nothing to do, I really don’t get it.

It’s because the kind of content involved is not the kind of content that is popular with core progression MMO players in this market. Everyone knows that. Collectibles is a casual/niche playstyle here.

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What? No they don’t… T3 is literally easier than T2. If you’re in T3, you /know/ that, so why perpetuate the lie that it’s “so tough, we /have/ to keep people out”.

Not remotely amusing.


please explain to me how “wait a few days for the next boss to spawn” or “wait a few days for the next rapport gift to be available in mari shop” is stuff to do. masterpieces, skill points, island hearts, are all eventually gated behind rapport and rng on a not continuous basis

all the end game material is severely time gated unless you whale extra hard

i literally have 80% my adventure tomes maxed except for rapport so please tell me how i’m supposed to continuously gain rapport


I see it as a reputation grind, like in WoW u grind rep for a few gems, here u grind for skill points that inc ur dmg and on the side u get bonus gold and other cool stuff I actually feel more rewarding doing side stuff here because its all connected then in other games.

So do get the best stat and work for it is casual?
So now adays not casual is the rush with mach 10000 to max gs and wonder why he doenst have nothing to do?

IDK how much you play a day, for me is 3-4 Hours a day, Make dayli stuff, than unas task, than some mokokos, help the guild, do 1-3 Islands, farm up, look at market to get Gold and wush, 4 Hours are gone.

The question looming on my mind when reading this, is if this game really is right for the west. People already get annoyed at petty guardian raids that take a few minutes, but are expected to enjoy Legion Raids later. :smiley: My goodness, most people here won’t last long.

Guardian Raids are so awesome.

Which were always super unpopular in WoW. In Shadowlands Blizzard tried to make raiders do all of the casual content and time gate it, and the playerbase threw up in revolt. Same reason.

It’s the type of content. Most hardcore endgame players in the Western MMO playerbase are not doing it in other MMOs. You can spend 20 hours a day doing collections “hardcore”, I get what you are saying. But if a Western MMO pulled that design, the endgame community would complain loudly (and they have when it’s been tried).

Look I’m not saying Lost Ark needs to be redesigned. It has its design. I am saying it’s a bad fit for many Western gamers.

What I do for rapport is I have multiple alts that farm Providence Stone and with that I get the rapport skins that give +15 charisma so I can inc on my main because I still can’t give Nia flowers because she wants 350 charisma so I get 450 exp and not 300, this little things that u can try to “min max” if u have time, I also have multiple alts to unlock una daily’s because some islands will then give u purple quest for island tokens doing una’s on alts is time consuming so u can surely fill in stuff

Stop spreading bullshit. T3 is “easier” ONLY because the less skilled players are stuck in T2 and T1. Things tend to seem easier when youre playing with people who are actually skilled enough to pull their own weight.

If YOU are in T3 and find it easier its because YOU are skilled and playing with OTHER skilled people.


They are awesome, especially while you’re leveling your main. It is fun & sometimes challenging.
But it gets extremely annoying after 20+ kills because the time investment is simply not worth the rewards you get.

Tbh I think we are just gonna keep getting more and more stuff to do, when real raids come out if it takes long time like in wow where u have 2-3h raid nights and then daily stuff u don’t have like 3-4 quests in wow but u gonna do chaos, graid, una, daily chaos/world boss, island event etc + on alts, and I also farm abyssal dung on all of my 6 chars for leg cards cus I don’t want to swipe for book packs + some gold. For me already consumes whole day but I am no lifer trying to min max I can’t even think later on how much stuff I will need to do.