For people that are willing to learn

Im gonna list few things for new players on certain raids mechanics / party finder slang

You reached your 1445 ilvl you open the party finder and u see this -
2x Orbs - that means this group is not going to use Wei for the Orbs mechanic where u have to pick your spot and pick up the orb ( how many orbs has been taken can be seen below the boss hp bar )
So if you are lets say 7 th person and u see 6 stacks below the boss hp its your turn to grab your orb that u are kiting
Gate 2 Valtan - the only important things from the top of my head - after the first armor break go up so Valtan jumps and breaks another pillar with his jump and whirlwind attack - then stack with other people waiting for second charge on the top left ish side pillar
after u enter ghost phase Valtan if u wanna timestop do it after his right arm hits the ground 3 times

You have to pick a spot where you gonna grab the orb and kite it to the portal - RBGWB
( red,blue,green,white,black) - these are the colors the orbs rotate at and they last between 2 to 3 seconds i think - thats the most important part - alot of people get angry very fast when the group is wiping on this mechanic - for this reason to avoid it people often make 1500 + parties to avoid this mechanic by pushing the boss to 37 bars before he can split - because of that he skips the orbs kiting mechanic and starts with the Stagger

You finished gate 1 u move onto gate 2 and suddenly people start typing - 11-1 , 5-1 , 5-7 flex , 7-2, 11-2 some random numbers - those numbers mean exactly what they are gonna do on 55 bars mechanic
players with 5-1 7-1 and 11-1 take the “black” orbs first and they will type in chat what orbs were black and which u have to take
lets say the orbs combination is -
5 245
7 13
11 234
so now player who typed 5-1 7-1 and 11-1 will take orb number 2 1 and 2 from these positions
players who typed 5-2 7-2 and 11-2 will take orb numbers 4 3 3 and the last 2 orbs that have to be take are taken by people who typed flex after their numbers

I dont know if its only on EUC servers BUT
U move onto gate 3 and someone types - TS or Frog ?
U are like wtf ?
There is a mechanic on 100 bars where Vykas summons 2 monsters on 2 o clock and 7 o clock and she has to be staggered - if u do not kill these monsters they explode and its a wipe - to prevent that the leader depends on how much faith he has in the group and in himself will type TS or Frog
If the leader typed TS -
That means the group has to stagger Vykas and then use timestop potion immidietly after the stagger is done .
If the leader typed Frog ( big D move by him ) he will use Wei siderial to stagger Vykas and kill the frog that is on 2 o clock - meanwhile the other people that are in the group have to get their gage meter to “red” and KILL IT WITH YOUR OWN ABILITIES WITH GAGE ABOVE RED the frog that is on 7 o clock
after u do that and Wei staggered Vykas u can dps her freerly


G1 there is not much to talk about - but
If u have to find Saydon - the 4 clones mechanic - ping where he showed his <3 and do not ping if he did not - if your team pinged 3 times and u did not u have to look at your clone to not die and the opposite
The other important mechanic but this is only important if u lack damage will be “cards” and stun - Saydon basically stuns 3 people and 1 player has to kite cards to them if u dont do that its a wipe ( more details about it are on every guide video )
Gate 2 is a joke if u have ALOT OF DAMAGE
But if u dont The clown will do a maze where 1 player has to guide 3 players by their color cards to their mobs so they can kill them and then return to the fight -
There is an easy way to do it ( Discord Screen Share ) or the harder way - writing manually or pinging where they have to go for example G12 R6 Y4 - these are the ways you or your teammates have to go - G- green R-red Y- yellow and somewere around this o clock spots will be your mob to kill
Another important mechanic is the pizza - Kakul teleports to the center and there are pink balls spinning around him - watch them carefully in which way you have to run this happens on around 75 bars
Mario 1 2 3 4 This gate is a problem to this day due to unlucky RNG or simply not being much experienced in the fight . Players that killed G3 100 times still sometimes die by mistake or RNG they could not avoid. Few examples - rubberbanding on Mario - most likely death . Off screen laser on “balls” when he hasnt started Mario opening yet - you will turn into Clown most likely and before he starts the opening and u can enter the Mario minigame in the middle u go back to normal form u have 0 gage u cant enter its a wipe, You turned into the small Clown but the big one decided to push you knock you down ( you have no spacebar to get up ) . Fire burned you to death ( yes this hurts alot especially people on ilvl ) . You died to the chainsaws by mistake or being to greedy with movement skill - Hooks got you and your teammate cant do stagger solo - Iron Maiden dies wipe its a restart and there is much more

Mario 1 is easy Mario 2 is harder Mario 3 is the hardest and Mario 4 is the same difficulty as Mario 2 id say - u can train these on Trixion
I cant tell you much about this gate apparently you have to experience it yourself because my talking is not going to help u much here guys honestly



If anybody or probably the party lead types x3 its for the safe spot mechanic basically your party number x3 is your place to go and stand on the golden platform as soon as u see it

Another small tip for the next important mechanic for this gate it - after u countered the boss you leave a small aoe under your feet - please dont stand near the boss with this because it hinders other people abilities and if 8 players stand on top of each other this may interrupt the next counter and someone will probably die so if you countered succesfully walk away :slight_smile: and wait for the second aoe under your feet explode away from the raid


Prokel is actually much easier inside the raid then on the Trixion training room - if you manage to kill him in Trixion you got this :slight_smile: . Strongly advise people to learn doing Prokel ( its easier then fighting the head itself imo :stuck_out_tongue: )

I dont see a reason for it but most likely 2 supports and 1 dps will stand behind the “prep circle” - its for the first yellow orbs pattern - if u are planning to do that go from the bottom one then left one then right one and never stand on top of the crystal it has some range where all 3 people can easily stand and explode the crystal


There is alot to talk about here but first its x3 party 1 and party 2 its x3 +1

Party 2 meteor spots are always the safe spots for the 2 pentagon - star mechanic

If she shows Star near her u have to kite the star to her and eat the pentagon

people that are from party 1 and they have x3 positions always stand on the +1 after this mechanic

lets say u are number 2 from party 1 your safe spot will be where the player from party 2 with number 2 is standing which will be 7 o clock

next important thing is 100 bars mechanic if the eye looks like cat eye do not look on it while doing stagger - if the eye has light in the middle look at it

and the most important mechanic that ALOT of people cant do properly to this day is Shape breaking mechanic at 43 bars which looks like this below . DO NOT look at the numbers those shapes have the cubes( green ) and blue ( diamonds ) these are the order numbers they spawn at. People always write o clock positions what they are gonna do

Example D 123 this player will be killing Diamond ( blue ones ) on 1,2,3 o clock

C 11 12 1 - Cube on 11 o clock 12 and 1 o clock

D 9 10 11 - Diamonds on 9 10 11 o clock

C 3 4 5 cubes on 3,4,5 o clock

r/lostarkgame - About new players and known community in game "rules"

Now someone typed in chat Star red/ yellow and star blue yellow - these 2 people will be killing the middle of the shapes or if you wanna learn it yourself - here it is

Thats the easiest way to do it with no discord comms

If the boss aura around her is RED - the red/yellow player kills YELLOW stars and the Blue/yellow player kills BLUE

If the boss aura is BLUE - the red/yellow player kills RED and the blue/yellow kills YELLOW

If the aura is YELLOW - the red/yellow player kills RED and the blue/yellow kills BLUE

The last mechanic is very easy - just stand on your spot pick up the spear and run to the spots that have your color with it

Gate 4

Party leader will rename the groups - with BBRR or BBPP and with GGWW

depends on which group has those letters this is the only thing u gotta know for this gate

lets say party 1 has BBRR and party 2 has GGWW

the first 2 players from party 1 have Blue colour assigned to them - thats their spot to kill the Blue Cube mechanic to get a shield which prevents u from death

player 3,4 from party 1 have Red colour or purple

players from group 2 - applies the same to them

player 1,2 Green colour player 3,4 White

when u checked your colours now its time to type in chat what your going to do on the big balls / yellow mechanic - someone has to destroy the big ball ( these people write destroy ) and get the first golden buff

the other one has to catch the golden orb ( usually supports or very low stagger characters ) they write catch

and the other 2 go inside the golden zone and stagger the boss ( when u enter the zone whirlwind bomb stagger ammount is also increased )

these balls appear on Blue and Green colour so party 1 which is BBRR do this one on blue mark and group 2 GGWW on the green one

Gate 5

everything is x3 for the first meteor placement

warning / red pings around 145 hp bars means to stop dps the boss and make sure u have collected the correct ammount of orbs

party 1 takes White Orbs

party 2 takes Black Orbs

number of orbs you have to gather is determined by your group number

example if u are number 1 in party 2 u take 2 black orbs

if u are number 4 in party 1 u take 8 white orbs

number 3 in party 2 takes 6 black orbs

Important now

players that ping multiple times when the 2 Orbs are supposed to be staggered ping the place where the stagger has to be done first right side or left side

party that has done their stagger on their side spams emotes when they are done ( or this can be seen above Brel head she has half moon above her when 1 side is done , when both sides are done she has full moon above her head ) . If she has full moon above her head u can stagger her and go into the portals

again around 55 hp bars red pings / warnings and here u place the meteors on positions x3 +1 which means previous meteors has to be on +1 position

meteor shape from 12 has to be put on 1 o clock

meteor from 3 has to be put on 4 /5 etc

after that is done its GG :slight_smile:

G6 - listing few things people write before pulls or they dont

Aaaah the famous or infamous gate 6

Same as previously party 1 positions are x3

party 2 positions are x3 +1 for Shandi mechanic at 113 bars

below 6 players TS stagger - when there is less then 6 players alive after Shandi mechanic on 113

you will timestop the stagger mechanic - basically the boss does a charge forward to a random direction and there will be 2 red pools/ spots in front of her - normally 2 players enter this spots and one player enters the spot that is far away and they stagger the boss

But since leader said 6 or less TS - u press the timestop potion when she slams her hand for the first time into the ground - it does HUGE damage and timestop prevents death or 90% of your hp gone

Blue meteor placement - after 188 bars the meteors happen with a little cutscene

Yellow meteor ( number 1 ) on 12

number 2,3 also on 12

number 4,5,6 on 11 o clock and 7,8 on 1 o clock

Then u are trying to push the boss to 137 hp bars for the second gold meteor which will be on 6 o clock BUT u have to wait untill the tiles broken by the previous meteor respawn which takes around 1 min 30 seconds from what i remember

SO having this in mind u put the first 2 blue meteors on 5 and 7 o clock

The next 3 meteors that will arrive u put them on 5,6,7 o clock

After that u push the boss below 137 bars and golden meteor goes on 6 o clock

BUT if somehow this scenario did not work out someone died or u simply lack damage and SUDDENLY u have 4 BLUE meteors and the boss is still above 137 hp bars - u have 2 options but the first option is much safer - u put all these 4 meteors on 5 or 7 o clock to destroy ONLY ONE TILE . After this u have to push to 137 for golden meteor and put it on 6 o clock

After this the boss is at 135 hp bars - we are pushing Brel to 115,117 doing dps and trying not to die . At 113 hp bars Shandi mechanic starts to happen so with that in mind we have to wait for the tiles to respawn and run to our x3 spots and x3 +1 - but how do we know when the tiles will respawn in time ?

Simply by blue meteors - After the gold meteor new Blue meteors will start to appear

there will be 2 on the first wave - u put them on 11 and 1 o clock

then there will be 3 blue meteors which u should put on 11 12 and 1 o clock - if u cant reach these spots for some reason u can put your blue meteors on 3 or 9 BUT this comes with a risk a risk u probably dont wanna take - when u are inside Shandi and u do not counter or stagger the Brel clone the blue meteor will fall down on this spot which can cause a wipe later because u CANNOT have more then 3 tiles broken at the same time - lets say someone put 2 blue meteors on 3 before Shandi - u start Shandi everything goes well and suddenly nobody scouted number 3 - meteor falls down there - the tile is broken not even mentioning someone may die here because they fell down to their death while standing on it in the other dimension. Adding more to that if this happend u cannot push the boss to 87 bars ( written below ) because u will end up with 4 tiles broken and its a wipe

After the 3 meteors are placed on the tiles u can dps the boss down to 113 and start the Shandi mechanic - Every player goes to their tile and the group leader uses Shandi Siderial to slow down time - golden orbs and purple orbs will start to fly towards the black hole in the middle

Now its the important part

If you have a black hole on your tile u have to collect ONE golden orb flying by and enter the black hole when it starts to vibrate and u PING few times to let the other players know where the black holes are - if u dont have a black hole on your tile do not ping

People that went into the black hold have to scout the clones around the map and PING PING PING like crazy if the clone turned and your screen went orange - the other dimension group will move here and stagger or counter the clone to gather orb they need to survive

Overall its a messy mechanic even “experienced” groups with Phantom Commander Titles can mess up here by not scouting fast enaugh for the other 4 people which results in death of the other dimension players ( more details on youtube guides )

After that the boss is at 110 hp bars ish - U have to push her to 87 as soon as you can for the golden meteor and put it on 12 o clock ( its usually done with many dps buffs dark granade/ support buffs and Azena Siderial ) - Blue meteor placement after the Shandi mechanic are on 11 and 1 the first 2 blue meteors . When 3 blue meteors arrive place them all on 11 or 1 o clock to destroy this tile ( the boss should be pushed fast to 87 after u destroyed the tile on 11 or 1 )

Golden meteor arrives put it on 12 o clock - after the 11 12 1 are destroyed u are pushing to 37

while pushing to 37 hp bars put the blue meteors on 5 and 7 o clock the first 2

then the 3 meteors put them on 5,6,7

then if you reach 4 blue meteors destroy the 5 or 7 tile and push harder to 37 for golden meteor

golden meteor happens put it on 6 o clock and later u dps the boss down to 30 ish when the second Shapes happen ( leader uses Inanna here ) to prevent confusion

After that on 25 bars she will destroy 12 3 6 and 9 o clock tile so watch out

After 25 hp bars its just a dps race to finish her

I hope you enjoyed guys im writing all this from the top of my head but i hope it makes ur life easier :slight_smile: . Once im experienced enaugh i will make a new post probably about Brel Hard :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to type this up! I think one of the biggest things that intimidates new players is the emergent community meta that happens in end game raids, especially if you don’t have a static group. You have to learn not only all of the in-game mechanics themselves, but also the different language that players use and the player enforced mechanics/standard of how to accomplish things. This post is rad and I could see it being super helpful for newer players!!


Thx for this post, as a returning artist player i am afraid to tag the clown in PF (i stoped just before his release) so it’s good to have a summary of everything like this thanks

Agree i posted the same thing on lostark reddit so more people will see it because not many people visit the forum and the youtube guides are only youtube guides

Not everything is done the same way as on youtube guides made by ATK or Memorizer92
They cover it in more details but i tried to make it how it looks like from PUG group experienced players

didnt have the time to read it all, but im sure gonna keep it, incase i need some info on the raids later :stuck_out_tongue: good post my duder

Just use AI to shorten it up:

The text is a guide for new players to help them understand certain mechanics and party finder slang for raids in three different fights: Valtan, Vykas, and Kakul Saydon. It explains various mechanics and strategies used in these fights, including how to handle orbs, color codes for different mechanics, and how to deal with specific attacks.

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I am encountering quite a few new players lately.
The major thing, that I see them bring up, which is a deal breaker, is the overwhelming amount of content.
“What are legion raids?”, “what are tripods and how do I use them?”, “How do I get accessories for my engravings?”, “how do I make enough gold to affort anything?”
Those were the main questions I have read in the past 2 weeks.

These questions should be added to, and answered by, the Adventurer NPC which we are directed to from time-to-time during the quest journey. A meaningful reward should be offered to entice new players to visit these NPCs and ensure their material is read through, so at least players know its there when needed. (The rewards are currently trivial, so many people might be abandoning the quests.)

Then, folks like yourself, @Schnarchnase just need to send those with such questions to the Adventurer NPC and everyone gets what they need.

I think it’s a shame they took out that wonderful beginner’s quest guide we all had at launch. I have no idea how people find their way through this huge, many-multi-featured game without it.


A lot of players uses different guides when it comes encountering clock position mechs. It is always best to experience it in game to be in the same page as other pub players. Their best resources are online YouTube and a few good website which you could’ve listed to avoid all the misconception of what players are “suppose” to follow.

99% of the PUG groups ive been in follow the thing i listed here . I only encountered ONE group that was doing it differently which confused half the people and we wiped 6 times and the group disbanded .

99% of players destroys their shapes by clockwise numbers according to the picture I show you above, the way how you explain according to clock position will confuse the heck out of new players thinking why the spawns number shown on the pictures are different from what you mentioned. This is why you show clock position numbers only and not the order of spawn. To simplified confusion we just have to destroy the 3 shapes in that position. Simple.

Good post. I get irritated too in vykas G3 when those 1500+ people dont even know Wei method. Like seriously, what is so hard to take gauge and get out of the pool when your gauge is red and kill the frog?

People just stand in the gauge pool and hit frog until the get lust and start PvP everyone.

That’s the flaw for many new players, they know only one way to clear the raids with the overly juiced and experienced raiders. While as the OG players knows a few routes to clear the raid w/o following a specific route. Many experienced players will say it isn’t hard vs a inexperienced player. You were once in the same shoes.

well may be there are games that don’t have this much non-sense mechanics

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