For People Who have a Abyss Donjon Lockout

Here the information u need to know, i speaked with a really nice guys. i Hope it’ll help people to understand the situation. Have a nice adventure on lost ark.

PS : Sorry for my poor english

Also, always keep in mind that Amazon can’t issue anything. They have no access to the actual character data to my knowledge as they are just the publishers and Smilegate are the Devs. Amazon is always just handing over tickets and information to Smilegate to try to fix issues.

They manages the servers too no?

Nope, they only provide their AWS servers and support those, everything gameserver related is handled by Smilegate or at the very least always in coordination with Smilegate.

Do not do a abyssal dungeon during peak hours (1pm -1am) otherwise there is a large chance this will happen. dont risk it