For real, time to lock NA West servers

Queues over 12k+ now that bots have quadrupled to account for their lost chaos dungeon income. It obviously affected them a lot because there are more bots than ever now… this is insane. People need to stop being lames by RMT’ing gold. Just play the game normally ffs. Bots will hit over 1mil at this rate…
@Shadow_Fox @Roxx these queues and the insane server lag spikes have gotten out of hand.


Been playing MMOs since EQ1 and stuff many years ago, and I don’t recall any of the games I played having this bad of a bot infestation. Sure there were some games that had lots but not LA level. I am getting very close to just dropping this and moving on, it’s too bad I enjoy playing…when I can actually log into my characters.

Please wait for the next VPN ban please. I’m sure this time it will definitely work and bots will vanish into thin air. Patience for AGS!