For the first time i feel the need to show my frustration. (PHEONS/BOTS/DISCONNECTIONS)

I’m an active player since day one with 3000+ hours played.

I don’t really know if you are aware of this, but the game is crashing 2-3 times per day in raids/chaos dungeons/guardians, losing rewards in the las two.

There’s like 100 bots per hour farming plants in Medrik’s Monastery and Smilegate sais that really cares of the economy of the server.

If you really care about your playerbase and for veteran players like me, better to start getting serious about all of this issues, because they are starting to hit me hard.

This pheons issue has been the straw that broke the camel’s back. If you are going to say me that people that get 200 pheons exploiting this issue are going to keep them and i get 10, im sorry but i need to take a real decission about keep playing your game.

I want exactly the same rewards to EVERYONE. Not just for me, but for EVERYONE. If the most expoited player got 200 pheons, EVERYONE should get 200 pheons. NOTHING LESS, NOTHING MORE.

is that, remove unfair/exploited pheons from them or i quit for real.

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The funny part is, we still have DC’s :rofl:

i agree 100% with that statment, everyone should get the same as the most exploited one got, since they leting everyone keep it.

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2500 hours of playtime, 1500€+ spent the LEGAL way - where amazon is trying to fight the fire with o2 in terms of “bot problem” :slight_smile:

after the shitshow and worst customer treatment I’ve ever experienced in my whole life i decided to quit the game until they really try to find an ACCEPTABLE solution - right now they just shit in everyones face and pretend that “nothing bad happened”.

Unserious, amateurish and fully disrespectful treatment of the playerbase. In every other job whole departments would lose their jobs instantly.

A player said to me few minutes ago in a guardian “SHUT THE **** UP” in my face after i asked him if he got his Pheons removed. I’m really sorry, but i just simply can’t look away on this, it’s way too much unfairness. He may got lifetime Pheons and we sit here like nothing happened??? ARE YOU GONNA SAY ME THIS FOR REAL!¿?!¿?!.

So he does not need to pay for a single Pheon anymore and i still need to rush every single day for little gold to fucking to stay up with my gear?.

no we need just more bot because this game working for bots

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