For the first time in EU/NA lost arks history, the player count went up instead of down because of popular class release

This just proved how importnant having class that you main is, imagine if we had all of the classes when we had 1.3m players? we would be probably be thriving with 800k+ concurrent players. Its definitely a speculation but if a popular class release brings people back, imagine how many never would’ve left if they had lancemaster and scouter in beginning.

This brings to me, if we see scouter in summer we can finally see the game start thriving, and instead of negative experiences, majority of the playerbases have gotten their mains, ofc the smaller not so popular classes have their mains too, but they will too eventually get theirs.

Im happy lost ark is taking feedback, now lets make summer even more great with scouter!



We would not be thriving at 800k+ after this time lol. People burn out from the endgame loop and liking a class wouldn’t change this in the long term plus is safe to say the bit majority of that 1.3m players had no idea of unreleased classes.

Usual releases of new classes and content will normally push up numbers.


We definitely would thrive with much greater numbers, if you havent seen forums were full of ‘‘im gone because of not having my scouter/lancemaster’’ and thats fair, imagine having to reroll a class when u are 1500 ilvl? thats the absolute worst experience anyone could get. So im not wondering why so many left, all i know is many, definitely many wouldve stayed.

So you are just asking them to release all the classes right now, but asking in a very indirect, implicative way ? lol

Yea, it is due to the fact that people come back and try out the new classes and content, if they see it to be the same as before, they leave again. Especially for F2P game there is nothing to loose .

Uh, the player population is literally the same mate lol. Take off your rose colored glasses.

No, what they are doing right now is exaclty the righ thing, they are releasing the most popular classes from the start, instead of making more people quit because with increased time its becoming more and more impossible to reroll (reroll=change mains) into your missing one.

The second most popular after lancemaster is scouter and we are hoping to see scouter in next roadmap if the current trend upwards of lost ark continues.

Lost ark Dev team @Roxx (i hope u forward my gratefulness) seems to have grasped what majority of the players want, and its the most popular classes.

Scouter main is definitely hyped and i can hear alot of people talking of returning back in the summer if scouter release happens then.

Lets give a huge cheers for lost ark to start thriving!

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Don’t mind me asking, can you provide the link to the poll that was created to determine which classes is the most popular which caused them to release Lance Master first ?

Yea, I was gonna say the same thing. I just looked on Steam charts, all time peak is still around 350K around there, and last played count actually went down to mid 200K.

Forums are but a speck of the entire playerbase and is mostly formed by veterans or those who checked through the entire game. Casuals, the actual big playerbase, will check one or two guides but not linger into every single detail nor come to cry for a class name change.

Is delusional to believe a game would keep numbers like 1.3m or 800k actively when the endgame content isn’t that impactful besides one which isn’t released and one or two you will personally enjoy. The big number is caused by a lot of people taking time off before hand, streamers and marketing done which would attract many casuals.

Those who will log one or two hours and then move after the initial hype and a month or so has passed by and will not be shown as “Concurrent players” because it only grabs the biggest number of players online at the time.

As @olongtea says, new things attract the casuals to try and check things a bit before the content comes and then get into it. They will spend a couple hours more and after 3 weeks go back to the usual schedule.

Edit: Oh btw, catchup mechanics seems to be coming as a powerpass is gonna get over to 960 skipping the very bad story and pretty much will save you some time.

Yeah yeah, honing this and that, when casuals find the 1% rates they will just quit if they quit due to our current rates.

Im sorry i cba to find it, but there was a post that compiled like 5-6 polls from reddit/forums/twitter and each one had Lancemaster 1st and scouter 2nd with tens of thousands of votes. Artist is not included because she is too new and it has been said by the devs that she will not be joining arkesia right about yet because of that.

Some of what youve said is true, but you are missing the fact that those who did not have lancemaster and scouter in the beginning, and were greeted with absolutely ‘‘impossible’’ honing rates at that time due to material shortage, they got even more frustrated and quit. And when argos came that was the last straw, having to do honing that is painful, compiled with NOT even doing the honing to your MAIN with added sense of forcefulness of having to instantly ilvl yourself up because of argos got released so early, thats why 200k players VANISHED in a single day.

If people had scouter and lancemaster since beginning, they wouldnt given up so easily since they would been improving their one class that theyre going to main to the END.

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You wouldn’t give up so easily you meant to say ? probably not a good idea to speak on behalf of the people that left the game. You mean that 1 million or so ? lol

lol no, interest on stuff is lost gradually. The gameplay cycle on this game is not complete and Legion Raids makes it interesting and again, paired with the daily activity of your preference (If someone is here not liking anything they are simply stupid because this is a GAME anyways) will make you spend more time and that’s fine.

half of that number can easily be the number of people whom PTO ended and cannot remain as “Concurrent” during the entire day.

Honing rates are okay. Those who didn’t play other versions had their chance to push through t1 and t2 content which is gonna be literally forgotten after rates go 100% in order to attract not those who already left but new players.

Those who left, again will leave when they see their honing rates up there lol there is no stopping that. If 15% starting chance was enough to make someone mald, imagine how irritated their bellybutton would get when they see a 1% rate and even worse realize those who remained playing will have new content available?

Gimme. Artist. Gimme. Artist. Gimme. Artist. Gimme. Artist. Gimme. Artist. Gimme…


Im speaking behalf of so many since this forum/twitter/reddit were filled of posts with ‘‘im gone/quitting because of not having my main in game’’ Its not a joke that people who do not have their main feel left out and frustrated, you just have to wonder, how would you feel if your current main got taken away and you wouldve been forced to play something else.

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i’m just going to leave this for you since it’s aimed in your direction instead of typing it out again.

Also, if you think there wouldn’t be the same drop with more content if not more of a drop with more content because average players would be further behind the curve than they think they are now you’re mistaken. Also, launch numbers, run off, hype dying down is all a healthy part of a game, expect ups and downs and always expect a drop after a launch.

I foresee a name change to “Paintbrusher” in the future lmao but yeah I hope the next iteration has support + mage/assassin combo

Edit: Rooting so hard for mokoko costumes when destroyer is released lol


Yea so for me, i’ll tell you. I plan to Main gunlancer, got to T2, deleted gunlancer, didn’t like the way he played. too clunky for my taste. Went for Wardancer and Zerker, ended up playing Zerker as my main.

My point is, I never researched this game prior and had plan what I wanted to Main, i just Main whicever class it is released by the game currently :confused:

But I get how it can frustrating, but in again, you are still asking them to release all the classes to make everyone happy otherwise wouldn’t have lost so many players essentially is what you are trying to say lol ?

Ups-downs were expected, unfortunately due to class shortage, the game was only going downs. If you paid attention to the forum posts, literally everytime 50k-100k players disappeared someone posted about it, and it was met with people mostly saying im gone because im missing lance/master/scouter/others

And if you seriously need proof, you can check the game rose from what 280k players? to 310k+ just because of a post that declared POPULAR class. Thats never happened in lost ark history yet. and that happened now. we hope to expect similar cadence in summer if scouter releases and hope its not too late for the huge chunk of scouter mains to return since the game hasnt progressed yet to an lvl that is literally point of no-reroll.