For the love of our graphics cards, please let the game close when inactive

There are times where I swear that I exit out completely, or have an emergency and have to deal with my kids, only to come back to the game still being open running full graphics with the message that I was disconnected due to inactivity. Then you press the button and the game closes. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t keep my graphics card running at full bore the entire time just to display that message. Since the game is going to close anyway, can you make the game close and the disconnect message popup within windows. Thank you.


I have seen reports that the game does not close completely after Alt + F4, I’ve passed this on to the team.

As Leidian suggested, pressing “stop” in steam or killing the process via. task manager should prevent this from happening.

I will also send your feedback to the team that disconnects due to inactivity should either close the game or significantly reduce it’s hardware usage.



on god

That was not the request here. The request is once you time out, the game stays launched and the graphics card fully engaged instead of exiting out automatically. It wouldn’t be an issue if it even brought you to the login screen, but you have to close out of the game anyways so might as well have it close.

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did u use customized parameter to launch the game?
this game should only take about 30% GPU on modern mainstream graphics cards

It’s more than enough to make my laptop hot enough that I have to use the lapdesk.

But beyond that, it’s wasting tons of electricity for no reason. Seriously, I don’t need that message telling me the game will close, just CLOSE the game.