For the people who keep saying you don't need supports

Why do you think all the top players in the world craft their builds taking for granted that they have yearning in the party?

Please uninstall the game, thank you.


Because they are coping and trying to give solutions that they can’t really give.

Honestly, the point you said is part of the bigger problem on the reliance of supports

There’s several factors that need to be taken into consideration as to why “Supports” are so needed for content:

  • Glass cannon builds: Just about every DPS runs a glass cannon build comprised of Grudge, Cursed Doll, or even both combined with the fact that most powerhouse classes are Spec based, meaning very slow movement and slow dodge recharge

  • Yearning: There are a lot of builds that require Yearning to even function properly just like you said, and honestly that is not the way to go, but no one wants to change it because it more likely than not does the most damage

  • Potion limits: 9 Red pots is not enough for progression of a raid, as not only are you still learning mechanics but raids now are coming with more and more unavoidable chip damage that eventually you have to heal
    Along with the fact that you can only have 3 Panaceas, 3 Timestops, etc.

  • Raid progression: Supports help raid progression immensely by helping to cover mistakes from players as they are learning, thus helping go farther into the raid more often

  • Offense vs. Defense: Offense is king in this game, and if any DPS even suggests wanting to have a defensive option the player base screams at them that they’re wrong
    While not realizing that having a defensive option (such as card set) while you’re learning a raid is extremely beneficial while learning
    Add in the fact that the damage bonuses a Support adds to the team can outweigh the addition for a 4th DPS, there ya go

  • Player skill / repetition: People just suck sometimes, not pay attention, or plain just go dumb when it comes to certain moves (shout outs to me that one time where I did Vykas G2 and forgot where 5 (yes, the position) was for the red/black orb mech, resulting in me panicking and wiping the raid… good times)
    Combine that with the fact that learning parties, hell even regular parties, can go for hours sometimes, that makes people lose their focus really quick towards the end and not play as optimally as they normally do
    That and sometimes people just wanna make shit easier, not gonna lie

Each one of these points I mentioned lead into the reliance on Supports overall, combined with the problems being a Support poses (thankless job, impatience for mistakes due to ease of access for parties, stagnant gear progression)

I mean, people can go into content with 8 DPS but really need to be prepared to do so on ilvi

Whereas being over-leveled you don’t have to worry as much

There’s just too many factors that lead into the problem (include people making 6 DPS classes and raiding on them all, making the DPS/Support ratio even worse), and not enough push to fix it all

So we got what we got

Solution: gear your characters well and hope you can get into a party/static/make your own until something changes


This is the key point. In Caliligos matchmaking this week I probably wiped once. Players just need to be familiar with mechanics and how to keep the boss in the center.

I remember the time when Reddit is filled with cries about this Guardians. Maybe they never got rid of bad habits like being too greedy with damage, bad at space bar or just using counter as part of their “damage” rotation.

With the length of time playing, players will more likely be familiar with mechanics.

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Oh yeah, 100% agreed

Not gonna lie though I haven’t done Caligula in a while because I just hated the fight, so I dun remember how it goes

I’m just sticking with Kung atm, plus helping out 1460’s that have been left behind isn’t too bad

I’m doing Cali this week because players including myself just go their second Brelshaza gear. So the prices of MHL went up. EZ gold :slight_smile: But yeah it is not as bad like the first week… LOL

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“top players” lol clearly not if they can’t learn to dodge all the attacks

Makes sense, I’ve thought about doing the fight again myself

But then I remember bits and pieces of it and I’m like “nah”

I’ll probably do it again once I reach 1540 if monkey isn’t out by then lol

:eyes: y’all clearing Brel with no support ?

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