For those complaining about AGS BOT response

The fact that this game Smilegate has created is even free for you to experience in the first place is insane. If you want to buy a single player game that will last you around 60 hours (and that is being generous on time) you will pay $60 - $70 dollars. I have over 250 hours in Lost Ark and it is free to play? If you have spent any amount of time not rushing to T3 and g-spamming through the story, then you will know how much work the developers have put into making this an amazing experience for us. And they give it away for free…

So we have a big nuisance in our gameplay. And it is the bots. AGS is trying to figure out a way to deal with them, but have been unsuccessful so far. So they have come up with the trusted Steam accounts and people are losing their minds. Seriously? Can you stop and think for a moment what it takes to run a game?

You want the servers to run? Costs money. You want new events? Costs money. You want expansions? Costs money. You want them to do anything else to the game? It all costs the company money. They have to pay their employees. I assume you know how life works.

Now you are freaking out because you have to drop $5 dollars to help combat an obvious annoyance to us all? One that ruins economies in games faster than anything exploit ever found. This isn’t a mistake they are making. The mistake they made was letting everyone play for free. Now all of us who love the game are forced to listen the F2P exclusive players scream and cry like children. What kind of entitlement is that? I don’t buy they crystalline aura, skins and convenience items so that you all can continue to play for free. I don’t work for you. I understand the work and money necessary to create a product as good as Lost Ark. And I will gladly pay them for it.

TLDR: If you like this game, support the developers who created it by using a couple dollars. Stop acting like a self-entitled PoS who doesn’t understand the workings of the world.


for now its us who need support i think



I mean the number of users this is even going to effect is tiny. If you fall into that category I apologize. But if you have ever spent $5 on literally anything from the steam store or even just added $5 to your wallet on steam this will not effect you at all.

But there are a ton of ways to get your account trusted status. Doesnt even require a credit card.

TBH I actually think they should have gone further with the restrictions. At the very least they should have no access to the market. This is one of the main methods gold sellers are using to move large volumes of gold around. Also area chat should be restricted to 1 message every 2 minutes.

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No one is freaking out, you created an account to address something that never happened and on top of that you had to add your 5 year old opinion that because its free people should be happy by default.
Its not like Smilegate decided one morning to spend millions to create a game for you to have fun, they are making billions out of this game and they definitely dont need you to defend them on forums. Most importantly, most problems people have are related to AGS and not smilegate.

The only one that doesnt understand the “workings” of the world is you.


The title literally says AGS BOT response…

The title may be saying AGS BOT response but your post is a huge rant about smilegate and how people should be happy that the game is free and support the devs. The part that actually refers to bots and AGS is tiny, like 1/6 of the post.

Just to clarify to the OPs points about spending money to support the game. This still is not a requirement for unrestricted access. its $5 spent on ANY game on steam. Which is why the number of people this will effect is tiny.

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Zilo, I am not trying to fight with you. In fact I just read through some of your posts to see what type of person I was dealing with and you seem like a pretty stand up person.

I too remember what it was like grinding in Lineage 2 :joy:

I wasn’t telling anyone they have to be happy, nor was I defending Smilegate because I don’t think they were attacked. I don’t write in forums, but I did here because of the posts I was reading on how people were complaining about this topic.

I hope you are right, and that it is a very small group of people. But in my experience, loud vocal minorities can ruin MMOs and I happen to really like this one.

I’ve bookmark this post to give like later because me likes maxed out for the day :frowning_face:

Again and again, this will forever remain as a mystery

People get offended when they are asked why content rush a MMORPG because they can’t provide a reasonable answer

And then there are those who alway have pitchforks and torches ready to rampage about how MMORPG should release its content. Being extremely rude, impatient and snarky over a free to play game to people across the internet and the people who work tirelessly to live service this game

And of course, the growing number of the faithfuls of the holy spirit RNG Jesus. Devoted to spread the passage of light across the world and receive blessings through praying and conquering darkness

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Bluecogs, I agree with you. On both accounts. About Steam and the restrictions could be a little more demanding. In Korea they have to register their accounts with their equivalent of a social security number. Now they may be extreme, but maybe just needing to verify your account through your phone number or something. Although botters could probably find a way around that…

It is a tough problem. It has been in multiple games.

I dont want to fight with you either or anyone else and thanks for thinking i am a stand up person, most people would think i am an asshole because i have no filter on :joy:.
Lineage was a blast, best years.

I am sorry but when i see the “free” argument i just cant stay silent, its not a good argument, whales, free to play players, anyone bothering coming to the forums actually cares for the game to be good or get better in some form and the “game is free, be happy” is actually not helping.

In my experience the only small vocal minority that ruined a game was in world of warcraft.

To sum this up, a small amount of people are freaking out about the bots but you shouldnt blame them, bots are damaging the game a lot and trusted steam accounts wont fix the situation, then again complaining all day wont help either but better than nothing i guess, people complaining means that the game is alive.

Right now in North Vern. Slen.

All lvl 50, 302.

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