For those sayin "you complain no matter the roadmap"

I wouldn’t have said a single word if they had accelerated the classes like they promised.
i would even say “good job amazon, you do what u said, just dont fuck up valtan and we good”

But here, they lied to us without shame and people waiting for scouter/reaper and others are gonna wait several months, so they have to push a class they dont even wanna main till then if they wanna do the late game content released.
This is not only frustrating, disappointing,
This is evil


this…is…a game…



They were never going to release every class in 1 update, that’s not from AGS, Smilegate made that decision too.

Someone was always going to be disappointed (Hell I actually wanted to play the destroyer) regardless of what they announced.

If anyone convinced you otherwise, I’m sorry.


From my understanding KR got one every few months so if this is true then 1 a month would be excelerated technically

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i would be fine with 2 classes per month, many people would be fine with 2 classes per month, maybe 99%. And anyway, even if i rly would like every classes in 1 patch. Its not the subject, they said they gonna speed up and they dont


dude KR is gettin new classes in developpement, we are talking aboiut classes already OUT, do u understand the difference


Yea, and im saying they got them at a much slower rate so yes its excellerated. Is it what the ppl want? Prolly not but when it comes down to it its exactly what they said…again, thats if KR really got them 1 every few months. If u havent realized yet, we aint getting EVERYTHING KR currently has out right now

im really wondering if you are thinking. Man stop typing, read what i say carefully and meditate on it , please, make an effort.

You dont make a new class in developpement in 1 month, obviously they need time to make a class, and as soon as we get every classes already out. We will wait in every region several months, maybe 1 year to get a new class in developpement and this is completly fine, making a new class require time, particulary to balance it.

Here in our region on EU/NA, we are just talkin about classes already OUT and READY to PLAY. We just ask them to release those classes FASTER like they promise in our regions.

Is it clear enough for you, please make the effort to understand


Ok…u read what i posted very carefully also…i didnt say anything about them making us any new class or making KR any new class…from start of launch in KR they supposedly released classes 1 every few months…we are getting them faster than they did in the beginning…aka EXCELLERATED. not sure were u are having issues understanding. I understand fully what u are saying wich is why im saying exactly what i am. We aint going to get all the classes they already have at once, doesnt matter if the class is already made and ready or not…we are gona get them when they wantnus to have them wich atm is 1 per month wich is supposedly faster than what KR got WICH MEANS ITS EXCELLERATED…just because its not at the pace WE as players want foesnt mean they lied…its just not excellerated to our standards

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u are like this guyy in the other thread, you jump from A to C and refuse to see B.
B is the original roadmap and the promise 1 month later. Im done talkin. Good night dude

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Imagine saying that while literal war crimes are going on in Ukraine right now.


then…dont play until the class you play comes out? Fact of the matter is to succeed in this game you need at least 6 alts.


What "original " road map? I hope your not talking about the leaked one? If your basing this argument off an unofficial map and thinking it was promised that it would be faster than the unofficial leaked map you are to funny…


You’re just making things up. They will never do 2 classes a month, stop trolling.

yeah and we can compare the fact that your boss fired you for nothing and the 2 nuclear bombs USA threw on japan. Damn how can u say your boss is evil while japan got 2 nuclear bombs in the face. You are just dumb and compare things incomparable. I said im done and i go to sleep, and i see this dumb message. Cya this time


unofficial… lol, a roadmap from amazon and from their website, “unofficial” okay man. Good night

Ur right, u are done if ur thinking they made us a promise from some leaked info that was officially commented on and were basically told dont believe the leaked roadmap…u def need the sleep

Go outside and touch some grass. You’re worked up about nothing. On the other hand, there are things to be excited for going forward. Maybe stay positive.

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I do agree, two classes this month would’ve probably been a lot better received, Spearmaster, and whatever secondary class they wanted and I would’ve instantly been on board.

There would’ve still been complaints, but most of the posts that are angry are regarding:

  1. lying about increasing the pace
  2. lack of skins still
  3. no honing changes.

If they did 1 hey could do 2 and kill 2 of 3 complaints, if they did the third then most would be ready for Valtan by may for sure.


Well this is why i ask, what road map are you claiming is the original? Didnt they they released any till today? Can u please point me in the direction of this original?