For Those That Don't Understand the New Event

When this dropped in KR we had these Summer Skins that were added to the Cash Shop with the Summer Event. The daily quests were specifically designed so that other people would see your character lounging on a sunbed in their swimsuit like a storefront mannequin.

Hope this helps give you some context around the AFK quests.


No one cares about context.

We only care that we have to wait 9 mins and look at the new ugly skin we got while waiting.


Tongue firmly in cheek, mate.

Just another example of AGS having no clue.

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He’s right tho. It was designed for you to look at your character in swimsuits for 3 x 3 minutes, but we get to stare at belly-doorbells and Umar skins (only for select classes LMAO) instead. No wonder people are mad.


whr is thou summa skins


Pick up the full-body Christmas mokoko fashion and catch some sun rays.

Thanks, but obviously we’re not allowed to see some tiddies in bikinis. :c

Theres alot running around in the event isle, and Punika.

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What’s weird is how everyone else in the island is in a swimsuit, except our characters.

We’re like that one fat kid that shows up with a t-shirt at the pool…


You don’t go to the beach in your platemail?

Just did the event. We did not complete the dances and the boss kill cuz we were just 3 in the channel. This event is a meme.

Imagine how everyone in the island looks at us, we show up in full armor, with glowing weapons and just stand there, doing nothing but looking straight ahead, gotta be creepy as Hell XD


I haven’t even gone to the event yet so I wouldn’t know! Lmaooo

Can’t you just go afk and look at your character in outfits without an event though…?

Oh, for sure. I was just being a little silly. Events really were like that back then. Smilegate was much less forthcoming with the free rewards in the Season One days. The fact that it even made it in this form to our client is somewhat shocking. It’s like someone found their old record player in the garage, put Miles Davis on spin and thought “…still a classic!”

July update, it takes time to make the mandatory burkini rigs of all the KR summer skins, please understand.

so this event is pretty terrible even for Koreans then? that’s good to know…and a little sad.

It’s commonly acknowledged by Smilegate themselves that the game was in free fall during Season One. As for this specific event, I honestly can’t remember what the reception was like in KR. I think someone else around here said they really disliked it, but I may be wrong.

Ooooh shiiiiiiii it’s all start to make sense now