For those who still want to play despite RMT

I see a lot of posts about people wanting to quit or feeling the urge to cave into RMTing; because the market is beyond ruined and the only feasible way to keep up with “endgame” progression is to whale at abysmal rates, RMT, or quit altogether. But I propose a third option, something you can all do. Don’t cave into community driven requirements that do not make sense and seem heavily skewed. It’s no secret that the game is early, there are barely any good affordable accessories on the market and our region is incredibly young. Most player do not have fleshed out rosters or alt farms. Having +21 weapon and 5x3 by the time Vykiss comes out is a long shot at best for most. Just don’t feed into it, simply attempt content at the prescribed ilvl the game dictates.

The game doesn’t set restrictions by engravings or grade of gear it does so by ilvl. Will it be harder to execute mechanics and do raid content? Yes. Will it be less efficient? Yes. Will you “miss out” on the experience of completing raids in rapid succession like your favorite streamers do? Yes. But none of that is worth killing yourself over, trying to pretend to be something you’re not, which is a whale. You might be able to do this F2P in KR but you most likely aren’t doing it in NA/EU, hell even as someone who would probably be considered a dolphin myself, I COULD reach those benchmarks.

But thats essentially feeding into the mentality that every time new content is released I need to swipe my way to the new standard to meet the status quo. Is that playing the game the right way? Don’t let cheaters tell you shit’s impossible and don’t let them dictate the pace of your progression. If your friends are RMTing and are setting standards/expectations around that cheating it may be time for you to find a need group of people to play with/spend time with. Anyway thats all I wanted to say. “If you can’t beat em, join em” is not the way to go. BiS gear should not be a primary concern for engaging in content, do not feel compelled to swipe for BiS.


Yep, all the content can be done through matchmaking even Legion Raids without support. Preach it, brother.

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MM is a lottery. U either get people who know their stuff or people who dont know shit and just to be carried


Queue time is something no one can stop until bots are gone. NAE is slowly getting queue times on some of the more popular servers. NAW bots will eventually bleed here too. RMT will always be there but this type of RMT just screws everyone over. At some point even getting a crystaline aura for Blue crystals will be insanely expensive.

when the environment is corrupted it’s either you become corrupted too or escape from it, you can’t just live within it & pretend it’s fine and do your thing.

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Honing sucks. $30 will get you $100

I just play at my own pace. I don’t get Fomo as I just play for entertainment. Just like I play other games at the same time to keep from burnout. When I get bored playing, i swap to something else.

Personally jumping between LA, Deep Rock Galactic and Satisfactory right now.


If people feel they NEED to swipe, they got bigger issues than a game dude.

This game is already one of the easiest games out there. All you really need to do is dailies for a couple hours a day to reach end game… you don’t compete with any1 else etc. Zero reasons to ever spend outside of skins if youre into that.


It takes 4 max stacks of 9999 guardian crystals to pity or one tap but eventually hit 1445 from 1425 . Let that sink in

I’m playing my own game. I stopped just short of 1415 with my main while working on alts and gathering gold. I don’t see the point in pushing up in this environment. The legitimate gold I earn is almost worthless. I’ll wait and see what happens. I doubt much will happen since smilegate is bragging about numbers right now.

4 stacks is like what? Less than a week of dailies.

That is nothing, it is basic braindead game play loop

Lol wtf r u smoking less than a week. Fuckin troll

Not our fault you don’t know how to play the game. What are we suppose to do? Hold your hand your entire life?

This game is super simple that’s all there is it. It literally gives you everything by just repeating dailies.

You guys are trying to make the game out as this complex, long grind to find the perfect gear when in fact it’s just doing dailies to upgrade more gear of the next tiers. Lol

4 stacks of 9999 is nothing


If your talking 1 piece from 1415 to 1445 it takes only a 2 stacks per gear piece to pity.

686 * 15 hones (pity upgrade happens on the 15th) for both +16 and +17 = 10,290 for each + up.

You get 40k guardians in less than a week? How many accounts you have? Lol

And that has to be some rotten luck to pity upgrade 10 times with 20% chances for the last several.

You don’t need multiple accounts. You need high level alts to generate each chaos dungeon.

All your alts need good guilds with bloodstone exchange. You need to consistently do adventure island for pirate coins for sea merchant. Each Sea Merchant can get you 900x. 10 alts = already 9000. This isn’t including doing chaos dungeons on all of these alts + Guardian challenge + GR + Ghost Ship + Abyss Raid + World Boss throughout the entire week.

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Progression will eventually stagnate once we catch up to Korea due to how slow content is being released. The only thing that’ll keep the game fun and thriving in the future will be events(not like chicken or naruni).

Don’t bother with this guy. He’s only repeating the same thing over and over.

“You don’t know how to play the game”

And nothing more, he don’t even says what he’s doing for being efficient so basically he’s useless and just provoc people. Don’t bother and put him in ignored list.

You will not waste anything.