Force a 30min tutorial on everyone before joining rank

explain to people what “peel” means and how you shouldn’t ignore enemy comboing on your teammates

Explain to people how you shouldn’t ignore artilerist just because he has a shield and looks scary

explain to people how if you need your team to be 3x people with 1 year of experience to counter a single deathblade that maybe deathblade isn’t balanced and experienced people are simply better at dealing with unfairness?

explain to people that if enemy has “PUSH IMMUNE” that isn’t a reason for you to ignore them and let them 100-0 your teammate and maybe you should use hard CC or just do damage to them because yes they can still die even though they are push immune

explain to people that just because someone is wearing a heavy armor (berserker) doesn’t mean they arent with full dps build and maybe you shouldn’t let them free cast???

i am not kidding when i say this - the amount of horribalistic garbage ass players ive met in this game for 2 days of playing it is more than i do in some other games for years. Like, i’m consistently amazed that even 1700+ ppl are complete and utter joke and have absolutely no clue how to coordinate with others or play with others or how to maximize their team’s chances to win

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well ignoring arti when he has shield is best thing to do. just go other side of arena lol

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One of my favorites was a guy saying to focus the arti then complaining the team was trash when people just avoided him and the dude died to the arti.

you know artilerist loses his superarmor when u break his shield right? and his shield isnt even that big

I mean it’s still not the best to focus the arti vs squishy classes like bard

THey actually have to get tier 1 to play ranked. You sound whiny af irl

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tier 1 aren’t good enough reqs

I think one of the problems is that the ranking is account wide meaning you can get your prerequisite games in on one class then play ranked on another or multiple classes and that seems annoying. If I am playing with someone that is 1700 I want him to be 1700 on that class not 1700 on his main and this is his ult.

I guess it could be considered a problem, but if that person is playing ranked on their alt without knowing their class then they are going to grief their mains rating as well as the people they’re playing with. I don’t think many people do this, but it’s true roster bound rating is kinda bad .

People not peeling pisses me off but for me the ultimate mistake is going in the back to hide when they have low hp and leave us 2v3 while they try to.protect their health bar instead of going out with a bang quick and re enter asap. Unless its in the end then ya go hide