Force Aspect Ratio 21:9 on, tab map appear off center

When you force aspect ratio 21:9 on and you press tab for the map to appear, sometimes this tab map appear far to the left of the screen. This tab map never seem to save its position on the window. Whenever I switch map, I have to reposition it again

See the tab map is almost off screen on the left

This is still a problem. It used to save and remember the last location the map was relocated too, but at some point it broke and it seems to keep moving. Sometimes its right in the middle, sometimes its like half way off the screen to the left. I move it and it never remembers the location.

I remember around release it did save and then one of the early patches broke it.

Hello! Apologies that this thread got lost. Appreciate you bumping this thread again @Jaerin.

I’ve report this issue to the team. Thanks!