Forced resurrection is a bad mechanic

Good evening everyone.
I was thinking about the resurrection system in LA, and something is definitely off about it.
As far as I remember in my history of RPG played, this one is the first that give us a timed resurrection (at least for pve content)

Let’s assume my party is doing Argos or harder content, in case I’m the one to die and there is only 1 res available, why can’t I just ignore the Res to give priority to supports, since we have shared chances to resurrect?

Why is the game forcing me to resurrect when the timer ends?

Any thoughts?


So the issue really is about forced resurrect because a timer is in a lot of games. I agree with you - the player should be able to choose not to resurrect.

well, since the timer is part of the forced res, a QoL change would be to remove both the timer and the forced res.

Just give the raid group the chance to manage resurrections. It does not affect PUG a lot, but for organized raid groups this is pretty much mandatory

It hinder carries
It help to prevent afk
It help to prevent bench players


AFK/bench player will just use up all res and do his thing anyway, causing more damage to the rest of the team. I don’t see how this is good for the other 3 people. If someone is AFK then just vote kick him (after that system is improved, because right now it is ass).

Carry I suspect will just not die most of the time, except for when there is wipe mechanic that requires team effort.

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  1. I don’t understand how carries are hindered by this mechanic. Do you mind explain?

  2. PREVENT? so if anyone goes afk, die and then is force resurrected, wasting a group wise res, it PREVENTS afkers? or maybe NOT FORCED res prevents afkers from wasting res chances?

  3. Bench players are bench players for a reason. Why hindering better players and let them sink? Your logic applied in real life sport teams would be a disaster.

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Look at this example. You are doing Argos with MM, there are 1 ress left and you decide to dont use it to leach your party.

If you are forced to ress with the timer, you wont be afk because you dont want to do the fight again, but if you can let the next one to dies used it, the outcome of the fight wont change a lot.

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Totally agree with this. Compare to other teammates, I’m useless lemme die pls

afkers are already hindered by the kick vote/report feature, the timed resurrection does not hinder afkers at all.

If I’m afk and get auto-ressed, I’m still afk. what are we talking about

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Read it again, I have faith in you.

do you know what ‘afk’ means by any chance?

I don’t believe they should change the res mechanic if the party is done through matchmaking. But I do believe it should be a toggle in pre made groups.

Did you read it again by any chance?

yes, and still makes no sense.
do you mind answering my question now

Your English in that post is hard to read. You should clean it up.

I can try

If you are force to ress you wont afk in raid fights because you want the boss dead, but if you could chose to dont ress and let other player use it, you arent hindering the party (a lot) and can be afk.

I think I undertand what you are saying. The fight will definitely change depending on who uses the resurrection. I’ve gone through Argos without potting when I have a Pal or Bard. I would rather have my Paladin teammate up though the whole raid as opposed to the gunslinger.

For a fair player, going afk it’s not a CHOICE.

Let’s assume your dog is chewing your whole desk, everything is falling apart and YOU HAVE to go afk.
Will forced res help the group in any way?
As I said before, I still repeat, if you’re afk and get ressed, you’re still afk.

If you’re CHOOSING to go afk in the middle of the content, you don’t deserve to be there regardless

I’m pretty sure you guys are arguing the same thing. We agree to assign ress, yes?

Thats overall true. I have some bad experience with players that look for any excuse to be afk/die in fights and let other players carry them. (not in LA)

But I recognize that the system how is right now can be harmfull to accidents and whatnot.