Forced resurrection is a bad mechanic

Dont die, kek

I agree it doesn’t make much sense and it is really frustrating but on legion raids there is no resurrect so no need no worry about it

it’s a bad mechanic that many people would be happier if it didn’t exist BUT if you think about it. it is punishing bad gameplay so

isn’t that good?

how will people get better at the game if they can just opt out of participating and continue being bad and getting carried?

when you think about it through that lens, you might come to the conclusion that it should be in more games

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because get up , stop dying, and contribute

besides the troll replies, I appreciated every different opinion. Hope that devs will bring this to the table and consider it as a QoL change in the future

Devs don’t read this forum.

Yes, because that’s CM/Mods work to report valid feedbacks to devs

I don’t think this matters as the actual end game content from here on you cannot res at all if you die in the encounter unless team wipes. If you die you just floor pov lol.

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Everything CM report back to devs will land in /dev/null

its ok, the endgame content (legion raids) doesn’t have resurrections so don’t have to worry about game forcing a res.

Don’t worry, Legion Raids don’t have resurrection so it’ll be a non-issue. This mechanic probably exists so that it’s not as easy to bus people through hard content.

should be no resurrection at all and if anyone dead the raid should be 100% fail. ez

Afaik Argos is the last raid with resses available, so you don’t need to worry about it anymore

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