Forced update? Warning next time?

i’m in the middle of a abyss dungeon only to get kicked off the game with the following:

Uhm… Thanks for the headsup?

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Like just now?

Literally just now, got a “connection” error, the one they use to pull the plug on servers with (offline). Instantly forced to update 4gb worth of files.

It kicked you out now, the patch came out hours ago. I guess they don’t like to let us know.

i’m well aware of this. I had and played the patch yesterday, so these GBs came out of nowhere, it literally makes 0 sense x’D

Ah no, the 4 GB new patch came out like an hour or two ago, I just noticed steam going into rabid dog mode to grab it. There was some post on the dev tracker when I checked, but no concrete patch notes or warnings.

This one I assume.

Great… fantastic :'D Well my bad for not watching the thread with hawkeye attention span. Haha, if i’d known there was an “upcoming” patch with a concrete ingame warning or dev post i wouldn’t have even begun to start something so time consuming Zzzz… Oh well.

great, it even locked me out of the dungeon. Whelp. guess il take a walk for another week x)