Forest Of Giants - Loading Screen Bug


Any time I triport to Forest of Giants, I get stuck at the loading screen and it doesn’t load up. I eventually have to go to Steam to force quit the game client. I have tried re logging into the stuck character as well as switching in from the character selection/switch screen and the results are the same. I had to go to AGS support to have them move my character to a town. Anyone else having this issue?


Welcome to the forum community, lueym.

Some players have been getting stuck recently, however there have not been many reports of this specific location causing it. If you have this occur to you at this specific zone again don’t hesitate to let us on the forums know!

I’m currently stuck at Forest of Giants as well.

edit: verifying integrity of files fixed it

Glad to see you were able to get past this! If you character gets stuck and verifying does not help, don’t hesitate to contact the support team :slight_smile: .