Forest's Minuet Quest Doesn't Get Prompted (Bug?)

So I just unlocked sailing and went out to the open sea, first stop Mercia Island! I go and explore the island and stumble upon a locked area with two seeds, but the area was unlocked at first and once I got inside and collected the seeds the door locked me inside and I wasn’t able to exit. I didn’t know what was going on at the moment so I was looking around for a way out until some gentle soul passed by and played a song that unlocked the door for me, hooray I’m free!!

So I asked them what song was that and where did they get it!? “Forest song or something” they answered and you can get it on the island up north called Lullaby Island. I immediately instruct my crew (of one person) to set sail to Lullaby Island and they complied with their captain’s orders.

I dock my ship there and go on to explore but didn’t find anything. So I pull out my handy communication tool (my phone) and look up how to get the forest song or something, turns out I needed the song or resonance! So I leave the island, collect 16k or something coins, buy the song and come back to get my forest song (at this point I realized that it’s called forest’s minuet), but to my surprise, there was nothing on the island, no quest to accept no fairies, nothing… I try to look this up, and turns out an NPC by the name Traveler Eclipse is supposed to offer me this quest! But they aren’t for some reason. Odd, I think to myself, why is that??

After a few seconds of contemplation, and research, it seemed that this quest line ends with the location I was locked in initially on Mercia Island, and potentially collecting those seed triggers the end of the quest and hence, I’m currently potentially locked out of even accepting this quest that rewards one of game’s essential songs…

Obviously this isn’t blocking my progression, but it is effectively locking me out of something that my character cannot attain and knowing that turns me off from progressing further. I believe this is a bug and hopefully it is fixable and hence I’m posting here in seek of a fix or a solution.

TLDR: Starting sailing, went to Mercia Island first, collected 2 seeds that were supposed to be locked out and require the completion of a quest line that I didn’t have (someone had the door open). and now I can’t seem to be able to accept that quest for it (The NPC isn’t prompting this quest) which leaves me locked out from acquiring one of the songs within the game (Forest Minuet)


I got the exact same problem !!


Yeah I’m not sure why a mod decided that this is general discussion while I posted this to the support forum. I guess they read the first few lines and acted without checking the rest …


Same problem here

Forest minuet is unlocked by doing a event in lullaby island 3 times.
the map timer is wrong by 1 hour, so it actually spawns every 2 hours. (see event popups at left side not in map)
2:20 | 4:20 | 6:20 etc.

were players must play the song to open the passway in group. so make sure you are not alone, expect first days to be heavily populated and easy so gogo.

also, u must have the song from pirate coins (18k) so u need to farm both pirate islands first.

TLDR: get the pirate song to open secret doors. go to lullaby island, start chain quest, do event 3 times. BAM u get Forest minuet.

so its not a bug, its just not specified how to do it, you are welcome sir.

The issue is that the quest line that starts with “Forest Where Fairies Sing” given by Traveler Eclipse isn’t prompted, so we cannot even start the quest even if we can participate in the timed event.


i see, can you start it with a boosted alt? maybe that would fix it, since songs are infact account wide. so maybe you can go there with a alt and star / leave it there just to do event. at least that would be my first go to fix.

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First of all thank you so much for genuinely trying to help, you’re awesome and I wish I would encounter more people like you are on daily basis.

To your suggestion, that’s what I figured an hour ago and decided to reach level 50 on my main and boost the alt and acquire the song there, I’m at 42 now and closing in slowly.

I also got on chat with support and reported the issue, and they just responded that they’ve relayed the issue details and it will be investigated.

My only fear is that it’s linked to the seeds which are also roster wide and this would really suck, as the alt will have those unlocked as well. None the less, I will go ahead with this and report accordingly the results by tomorrow.

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OH, you are not even lvl 50? i think its 50 exclusive? most players only get to lullaby island after completing main quest. since by the time u reach 50 only doing main quest u still miss like 2 hours of quests to finish chain, but maybe that’s the issue? not spawning due to level requirement?


I checked some resources and they indicated that there’s no level limit on that quest. Having said that, they might be wrong and it also might have been changed for the NA/EU release.

Regardless, we will get the answer as soon as I reach the end of the main story!

So I hit lv50 today and rushed to Lullaby Island to find Traveler Eclipse patiently waiting for me with the quest, hooray!

I’ve tagged 92fjdv’s post as the answer since it seems that lv50 is a pre-requisite, thank you kindly sir for your great support (far exceeds that of the publisher who didn’t even bother respond)


there is no bug, there are two events happening in exact same location and same even icon shows both events in alternating tooltip, instead of complaining at the time, look at the name of event.

secret passage opens on 20th minute of every hour (00:20, 01:20, 02:20 and so on)

Not sure who was complaining, but that’s such a passive aggressive response to an old post that has been already clarified as resolved.

You also managed to completely miss the issue all together (maybe you read the title and assumed you know the rest?), I was looking for the quest itself as some resources that I’ve looked up showed no level requirement for it, turned out you have to be lv50 and once i got there I managed to accept the quest and complete it just fine.

Thanks for your contribution though.

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I did everything and never got a prompt. This kind of quest is simply stupid.