Forgot to active the Special Express Mission before passing my character to 1415

I upgraded my Bard above 1415 and forgot to active the Special Express Mission
Can you guys do something about it?

SA - Gienah - Alezah

If it’s like the last one, you can pass the books over via roster storage from a different char.

But not Shards and leapstones.

Hello @Grognathul

Currently the express event can only be linked to a character between 1302 and 1415, we are not able to link the pass from our end or issue the reward, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope you have a great day!

What about when people have maxed roster and have all slots full.

Does it mean they have to delete characters ?

Previous event, you could link it to any character. It should be the case now as well, for otherwise it penalises people who dont play alts or have full slots.

the very first one was intended only for specific ilevels but stupid people that could not read screwed up and linked it to their main and cried all day on forums , so SG changed it to only work on specific ilevels going forward.

and if your max chars your options are buy a char slot pass or delete a char


which is clearly a horrible design and certainly not intended.

Because the rewards are not just for honing that character.

If those rewards were purely usable for that character, i wont speak a word. But if roster benefits from it heavily, then it penalises people for playing the game and that is not good

the pass rewards is only suppose to be for the character your boosting up which is for the char assigned between 13w.e and 1415

so why does it give rewards that are not just for that character ? huh ?

they are called incentives for people to make new character and use the pass

incentives to Delete your character if your storage is full.

If its just for new character, it should be only usable for him