Forgot to loot the Guardian Soul

Do I just completely miss out on the loot from that soul? Will it show up to my mail or something? I’m mad at myself :confused:


You can just join again (make sure soul loot box is checked). and you receive the soul after kill.

So it was my first Guardian kill yesterday, I then went into a different boss and harvested it’s soul but I didn’t notice a second one there. I imagine at this point it is long gone?

You can do as many as you want to since Guardian Raids entrys doesn’t have cap. When you enter you can see if you have any souls left for that day. In total you can only earn 2 souls per day.

However there is a rest bonus system that recharges depending on how many days you have skipped. You can see this by going to Guardian Raid tablet and checking the green bar on top.

If you skip enough you will eventually get a double soul drops.

Hope this helped you! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is great information, but I need to specify. For my first guardian raid of the day yesterday, I killed Achates and forgot to loot his soul off of the ground when he died. I then proceeded into Calventus and killed him. I looted his soul, but I did not see a second soul on the ground. I imagine at this point the rewards for the Achates soul are lost because technically the soul did drop so it counted for me at the top of the guardian raid board, and now after daily reset I have no accumulated rest bonus.

Ah! My mistake for not understanding your point! :smiley: I think the loot is gone, but lets have fingers crossed that support can see this and help you out!

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Same thing has happened to me. You literally do not need to loot anything in this game EXCEPT these boss. Why in the world would this not automatically be looted?

My suggestions here are one of two features be added to the game:

  1. A prompt box be added such that if you leave a guardian raid with loot on the ground which asks if you’d like to loot those items.
  2. Pets be allowed to loot these items.

Additionally, please fulfill my support ticket by giving me the loot I lost today. 100$ in this games, 10k$ to amazon over the years… Just give me the loot I earn in the game.


So i’m not the only idiot to do this.

To worsen my case, i carried the run entirely. All 3 teammates died early and i did like 71% damage total. AND FORGOT TO PICK THE LOOT! FML :frowning:

HI there everyone, I hope you are doing great.

We need to manually loot the item, sadly, we don’t have the option to delivered the item to your mail, I do apologize for any inconveniences @Carrotsu @Sekwah .

That’s a really good feedback @derp.derp, I’ll be sharing it with the team and I do recommend you to use the feedback section for extra visibility.

Also, I want to thank @Matvi for taking the time and their inputs, we do really appreciate that.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week and thank you for the understanding.


If it has to stay mostly as is (not just only harvesting if you open the box) then a notification that is really explicit that you’re leaving stuff on the ground and maybe even has a 3s timer delay before being able to click confirm so you don’t just auto-pilot click though :slight_smile: because were kinda conditioned to just click yes on everything.

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or maybe just make sure we get the loot whatever it takes since it is a daily and your whole game is based on dailies ???

And no there is no understanding because there is no reasoning behind what you said.


Stupid how everything in this game is auto loot but the guardians raid isn’t. Make up ur fking mind and make everything auto or manual, stupid ass game.


I also made this mistake on my first Guardian Raid.

I would suggest at least adding a confirmation dialog if you try to exit the raid without obtaining the Guardian Soul, if auto-looting is not an option.

Hi there everyone, I hope you are doing great.

You are correct @kerodon, and I want to thank you for taking the time and your input, we do really appreciate it.

Thank you for the feedback @Xasapaklas @Calistar, feel free to use the correct section for any further feedback. Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

While we do appreciate feedback @Leesanity , I highly recommend you to be respectful and constructive.

Wish you have an amazing week, stay safe.


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Thanks @Stooh. I added my suggest to the feedback section.

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How ??? I’ve been very active on forums and yet I cannot create a topic.

XXXXXXXD. welp, that went out the window fast.

I made this same mistake :frowning:

One more thing I would like to add, I got a quest for lower ilvl guardian raid that I dont want to loot the soul but I choose to do in a party which there is no checkbox for harvest soul, however it still considered that I consumed one chance of soul in that day.

I am now tier 2 and nearly tier 3, and I continue to forget about this mechanic. It’s so crippling to my morale to miss a harvest on a fight that takes 10-15 minutes, resources and effort. If you can’t deliver it to our mailboxes absolutely have a message prompt appear. The worst part is that you might not even be able to implement that because people might use Song of Escape or Escape. This whole harvesting mechanic is simply flawed and must be redone. It works in Monster Hunter because its consistent, EVERY boss provides loot by harvesting manually. This is not the case in Lost Ark, and this inconsistency will trip up many people over the course of this games lifetime, despite the hours played, because its inconsistent. It made me so angry that I stopped playing the game in favor of venting on a forum instead.