Formal complaint on ban moderators

This is a continuation of the saga

After this, sent an appeal clarifying whether it is RMT selling, or buying and what history a 3 day old account has done to warrant a permanent ban and this was what the reply was.

As you can see, all these “manually reviewed” appeals results in standardized responses that make no sense. Either they are bots/automatic replies or people who just aren’t doing their job.

So I went to see if I could try my luck at live support. Speaking to live support from New World and Prime gaming because they told me to look at New World stuff anyway. I went and had a chat with some live human beings, unfortunately they don’t have the power to do anything and would just send me back to these moderators who don’t do their job properly.

Now I would like to send a formal complaint to these moderators, I can provide names if need be or whatever they “sign off as”. But where to do this? Apparently no where until one live support person said the community managers on the forums is where we can provide feedback on the game. Below is the log of the chat I had with the live support person, as you can tell I am quite frustrated on this matter but alas, community managers have an avenue to speak with the developers and hopefully rectify this issue. All I ask for is for a human person to look at this issue and tell me that yes, what my friend has done is cheating, breaking the code of conduct for what he has done,

Quest for 53.8 hours with his good friend. That friend with >2500 hours played, has 430,000g and can spare 21100 gold so that they can purchase a cosmetic costume so that their brand new friend who is ~lvl 43 or something can look good whilst questing. According to AGS, this is a permanent bannable offense due to their history of EXISTING penalties over the course of questing for 3 days from Luterra->Anikka.

Proof that this is the forum to lodge a formal complaint to the moderators. I would also like confirmation that what has occurred is a permanent bannable offense and destroys the integrity of the game, letting him get unfair advantage over other players.

To the community manager reading this, please could you escalate this issue to the developers so we can have proper appeals or have a statement that the above is indeed cheating and misuse of the code of conduct.

This means that nobody can send gold to anybody via mail or purchase skins off the auction house using gold. Could we please remove this functionality from the game so other people cannot accidentally be permanently banned for cheating.


Have a little more patience buddy! New MMO’s should come this year. No point in trying anymore, we just jump ship. I don’t see how you should do it anymore, honestly. Too much shit that no one cares for.
Personal frustration aside, I do really hope your buddy gets someone to understand him from this joke of a Customer Service.
One of my friends who I tried to get back into the game for months said he’s almost done already.

  1. he couldn’t get trusted status for 2 months (purchases made previously, legit steam account, purchases made previously in LA). he couldn’t trade anyone, if I had to send him something it remained there, that’s it. After an endless mails exchange he finally got it somehow, the confirmation mail that indicates that it works now was never received, he just kept trying daily to mail me 5-10 gold and one day saw that it works.
  2. he had previously played (at the launch) and he had few t3 small chars (~1340) but on Mokoko server. When he came back I told him to come with me on my server. The last 2 powerpasses were mailed on Mokoko server despite the fact he didn’t logged in there in a long time. He tried to talk to the CS maybe he can have it transferred or something but they said they cannot do shit about it (this obvs. after an endless mail exchange with automated replies).
  3. he can’t afford shit if he has bad rng drops or I don’t help him with gold, they removed almost all sources of gold that helped newbies because both companies have shit devs who can’t deal with the amount of bots and ppl still obvs. buy RMT gold because they can’t afford gearing and they FOMO like sheeps, we’re talking about around 50k gold only in pheons (if you are lucky with the stones, if you are like me, you will spend 500 pheons to get a 7/7 as I did for my paladin) + class books + accessories (some of them have absurd prices - 300/400k gold)
  4. he can’t get into any parties due to low roster and if I bring him in my party (despite he knows the raids pretty well since I helped him learning and he watched the guides and stuff) people usually leave or don’t join seeing him there. I also made learning parties but isn’t doable at all, supports never join and if we clear something is usually 3-4 hrs. Unfortunately I have to tell him to buy a bus…
  5. these days we got a shit ton of disconnects, nobody cares about it, why would they. Isn’t like this is an important thing tho’. Chaos dungeon - DC, Guardians - DC, Raids - DC, Islands - DC, walking around the map - DC…

Good game, love the raids, love the classes, love the skins/mounts and overall cosmetics but BAD fucking management. And I’m pointing the finger at both companies, both are responsible.


The biggest mistake has already started with asking for help from new world live support, no one is doing anything. they keep referring to people who don’t work or can’t help you over and over. amazon is discredited. Look at the state of a billionaire company that has no value. disappointment. support 0. beyond disgrace. don’t waste your breath wait for new games or play old games or keep submitting tickets but you will always be at their mercy and wonder if you can find someone really experienced and experienced to help you out?

What’s the point in even having ‘staff’ when they can’t even give a straight response? Even their copypasta cant even give a consistent response - we’re just meant to accept it as a ‘too bad’?


True wouldn’t waste my money for people like that U don’t really need.

illusion of support. The average user probably would not invest a penny into this game if they had any clue how awful the player support is - or for that matter how common it is to completely lose all access to your account either by being banned or by your connection being blocked by one of the NUMEROUS errors.

This way there is at least the appearance of a support system if all they do is take a glance.

Just an update: He finally got unbanned. Thanks for all who helped and spread awareness, no thanks to the community managers on this forum who wouldn’t make a simple statement that helped him unbanned. Shoutouts to Christopher Ignacio the GOAT.


Preach brother.

I’m toast’s totally not-legit friend here, and I just wanna thank toast and those who supported/emphasised with our case. You guys are the real MVPs and gave me much respite when I really felt like giving up on the game.

To the naysayers and doubters, maybe you’ll think twice before judging someone for being guilty, or at least until it happens to you.

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What I don’t understand about that statement: Why wont you quit already? I mean, you don’t liek this game, right? It seems to frustrate you, right? So why not just leave already and do something that you enjoy in your time waiting for the next MMO.

All those people that say that this game is bad / amazon is bad are still around. Mostly in Forum and preaching how bad this game is. I really don’t understand why you waste so much energy in that.

I never said the game it’s bad, in fact, the game is awesome and I enjoy daily. I do get upset sometimes because the RNGesus isn’t with me but it is what it is. My problem is that is managed by apes, and I’m not only pointing the finger to AGS, I’m pointing the finger at both companies. I bet what do you want that some of the shitty decisions were takes by/with SG. The game itself is awesome, is just a matter of bad fucking management and problems after problems.

Ah, I see.

Well, imo while they do bad decisions, they are pretty good in fixing it aswell.

Imean: Look it that way: They made a problem with the pheons. And now: We got like 30 pheons + 20 pheons (for the extendet event) + more compensation +30 or 40 idk. In the end, you got pretty much pheons and were able to compensate the missing pheons.

We got a huge powerpass + hyper event with reaper release (most expected class, next to artist probably).

So in the end they do some weird decisions, yes. But overall they doing a good job imo.