Forum changes to display ilvl


Please change forums so it displays the posters character roaster level, main hero and their gear. Other games does this. It clears out the bad actors.


100% agree, i don’t want 302s teach me 1540 how to play the game, and tell me to play at my own pace or how i wasted my money ovegearring.

Additionally they should aslo provide some basic stats like how much real money were spent, number hours played, number of dead, last raid that they die, average dps, average % damage contribute, number of fail and retry in raid, dps logs of the recent 10 raid by abyss dungeon, abyss raid, legion raid.


That’s perfect… For toxicity lol. Hope that is sarcasm.


You just don’t want people to see your stats aren’t ya? What you got to hide?

For privacy. If they take stats rooster , then they will take ign profile name etc. You wouldnt want your character to be mass reported in game just because you said something on the forum that some dont like.


Stats don’t matter for someone to have the right to an opinion. If you agree or accept that opinion is up to you, not the stars or ilvl a player has. This community is so sad…


you forgot the pvp rank , so we can see low pve boys in the arena part of the forum.


:kissing: we need to give the elite players more voice, too often people whom don’t contribute (less than 1500+ hours or spent less than 1000$) demands free mats, remove pheons, increase honning buff, delay content which is the opppsite of what we want.

  • Mats are the mean to gain power, time gate for people whom don’t spent on them, giving free mats is not fair to people like me whom spent a lot to reach 1540.
  • Honning buff is similar but affect broader, all my 18 alts are at 1460+ there is no point for 1370-1415 buff now unless the increase character slot cap now.
  • Remove pheon? Ridiculous, how can i sell blue crystal, it will fk up the market.
  • Delay content, this is the worst, people keep telling me that it not worth to overgear but also tell me to play at my own pace… that’s a paradox, just release content quickly so i don’t get bored so quickly.

Giving basic stats in forum so we know where they got these bad ideas from, are they casuals play less than 5 hours a day? Are they noob who die and leech a lot? Are they cheaters, RMTers, botters who ruin the game while legit player like me have to pay overprice gold exchange? Are they fake expert in pvp? Etc…


If youre 1540 you need to be investigated for RMT

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:shushing_face: oops! I’m legit guys. This is why we need stats in forums, it will show the amount of $ i have spent on this game and prove that i’m not a cheater. A perfect example.

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Im sure you spent ÂŁ30000+ to reach 1540 legit

Or maybe i was just lying about the whole thing and actually haven’t been playing the game for months and haven’t reach T3 yet. Without stats you will never know :crazy_face:

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Dont care rmter

Why you think you are an elite player? Cuz you opened your wallet more than others? This game does not have elites in West. It is just copy paste from Korea. All the research player wise happened there and it will happen there since we aren’t catching up.

I wouldn’t mind, would love to see every single thread devolve into people using ad hominem instead of actual debate. Might give me more content to read :slight_smile:

They should use the account that u use to log in game as ur forum account and displaying ur highest ilvl + ign so this way we know whos the trolls to avoid in game also

Using the api who still isnt avaiable ? :smiley:

I’m against it, there is enough bad stuff ongoing with unsocialized dumb asses.

It’s crazy that you think your opinion has more value because you’re wealthy and have a lot of free time. Don’t you realize the moment casual players stop playing the game, game dies? Game has been designed to milk the whales and help f2p.

Are you sure LA wouldn’t survive without casuals? AGS doesn’t seem to think same as you.

“help f2p”, where, when i haven’t seen that.

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