Forum changes to display ilvl

I just remembered sometimes you don’t really need in game stats to figure out the bad actors

Yes, we don’t need it but some of us want it, easier to figure out.

They will not, they are too lazy

would just promote elitism… hate the idea.

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yes I agree but it will expose people like you making a 400 word feedback here but just ranting for no good reason. I thought you quit the game, what are you doing in the forums lol.

OP made a nice suggestion IMO and you like in your other posts acting like a child.

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I came back. What are you grave digger or Sherlock Holmes?

Yes i totally agree with OP, thought i share my opinion. This would be a very nice feature.

It’s fine if you don’t like my opinions, i don’t really care about you personally.

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No disrespect to the bad actors, this request is not to point out the new players or the whales. I am looking for transparency from people that play the game and post on the forums. Once know who is actually posting, we can take their advice with a grain of salt. This will help with the negativity and toxic posts as well. I would imagine a lot of forums posts are from retired lost ark gamers, or even gamers that never even played the game that love to come on forums to spread FUD.

At the very least we need the highest character lvl displayed just below the forum profil picture. So I know not to listen to anyone under lvl.57, then we need rooster level to determine as a whole how much one has played. Transactionnal information should be kept private imo. Rather I would create a VIP level that unlocks you more perks with your monthly Crystalline Aura. I don’t want to know how much exactly you spent, its not my hustle, but knowing the bracket you locate in is a complete different matter.

To SG : ask your old friend and directior at Astro Kings, he’ll tell you how a good VIP system works.

@Roxx were you able to pass this along to ags? It’s a valid feedback however no response?