Forum Feedback - Heavy moderation

@Roxx Can you guys start permanetly banning people from Feedback forum, that give no feedbacks. Most posts i see here are either crying about their rng, or other dumb posts about non feedback things. I literally loose braincells when i open forum from the titles alone. Everything is irrelevant/not games fault/ridiculous demands.

Here are todays topics i instalntly spoted after opening the feedback section.

  1. Reee, my rng sucks.
  2. 500th time crying about pvp, literally nobody actually care.
  3. reee toxic players, 10% true 90% bs from players that hinder party and want to get carried.
  4. Some dude says some really 3head stuff about bifrost reset with blue crystals, because he accidentally clicked reset with blue crystals.
  5. No supports in Valtan hard mode - is this a joke? People just start to reach 1415, which has no issues with supports, and since when, player choice, is the problem of game company? If there are no supports, make 1.
  6. 500th posts about bots, yeah, like nobody knows.
  7. Saw someone said nerf Valtan - As a first timer, at min ilvl, i say both gate 1 and 2 are mediocre at best. I was too lazy to do it, so i finished in 1 day before reset.

Trying to find any actual feedback, is almost impossible, this section might aswell be renamed to shitpost/daily whine.

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