Forum feedback, suspension

Got a 3 day suspension from the forums, doesn’t even explain why or what was the offending post – looking at my post history, I said nothing that warranted it? o.O

Some clarity would be nice, there wasn’t even a system message notice to me [that one gets when their message gets hidden, for example]. :frowning:

Someone didn’t like what you said, most likely flagged your post, then you got Auto banned.

Pretty sure they have 1 guy sitting in a E350 Econo Van in the parking lot at AGS doing all their forum management.

Don’t trust anything AGS says when it comes to their banning systems, They claimed they were 100% hands on in New World… and we all know the story there.

incoming ban in T-Minus 10…9…8

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Well that’s what you get for giving beer to wolves. You need to calm down son.

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