Forum flagging system and post removal

Id like to point out that at today the forum automated system (and i am assuming it s automated cause any human removing certain posts would have to be brain dead) works as bad as the bot autoban system of the last patch.

Flagging spam is always a thing in the forums, but im noticing a weird trend of post removed by admins without any apparent reasob.

The fact that you cant even discuss it whenever you get an automated notificatiob of removal, makes it even worse.

Id like to know what element of this reply is against the terms of service and why it got removed:

Im still kinda laughing for it. But maybe i dont see the big deal. Enlightne me?

For starters any post that is deleted completely is done by staff. There is no automated system that deletes stuff. User flags will hide a post and notify moderators that it may require action.

As to your specific post I don’t see anything wrong other than it looking slightly combative or condescending in nature. But without knowing the source or context it’s tough to say.

In any case I doubt that moderators are going to have an open discussion about this with you. Maybe in private?

Their easiest and most common excuse would be you instigating “dissent”. That’s right, you cannot disagree on certain topics. As to what those topics are, well. they differ depending on which mod is reviewing the flagged post.

To sum up some guy said it s yellow start of post and ended up saying it was blue at the end of it. To mark out the clear contraddiction i told him to read his reply back :sweat_smile: