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First you all complain about the jar then the devs remove it as the people wished than you complain again that it is removed… idk pls people whats wrong wird you all (Forum in a Nutshell)


The changes are universally positive. It’s very clear that the forums represent the worst part of the player base. It’s pretty clear that this will be seen as a universally positive change. Times like this you genuinely feel bad for @Roxx who has to be civil with people who don’t give back the same courtesy.

I’m certain we will at some point get the skins, if you can’t wait then you might have some grass that could do with being touched.


I actually replied something in this line to Roxx, they actually listened the playerbase, and even if I dont agree with some stuff, its a fact that they did what though it was best based on ppls feedback so… ppl should just shut up.

I gotta say tho that I dont think amazon should listen only to the forums, or that they should even listen to the comunity at all on certain aspects of the game, cuz lets be honest, ppl will complain even more about not having legendary skins that about the skins being p2w (which is stupid imo). I would have said " Yoz’s jar was designed this way by smilegate and we can’t change this feature at the moment" and later may be figure out a way of change the system.

We wanted the Jar improved with less rng or pity, or removed and added to the shop, we got neither, in fact we got even less since the costumes aren’t coming full stop.

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U can’t make everyone happy. The jar is bs. Good it’s gone, skins will come it just takes time and I feel like this community wants everything instandly what they see there fav streamer has. :man_shrugging:


roxx said they work( LOOK at it later again) on it you know or you cant read?

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How hard is it! if you don’t like jar then don’t use it! now we have nothing in long time, oh we have those ugly skins great

they work on it “if possible” but “no decision made” to do that at this time.

ye they look at it at a later time so wait and thats ok

bruh we talkign about AGS. even mid June means forever

the thing i wonder about is how many people that complain atm that it is not ig with the patch would complain that 1 piece cost 100k-200k gold in the forum and would say pay2win and say pls remove it or i quit

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