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I’ve reached the point where even doing only rested daily chore shit on 5 characters has become just basically no fun anymore.

Like an hour a week I get to do Vykas/Valtan HM and then it’s tedious boring stuff until the next reset. Doing Argos on every character, boring, Valtan normal with 3 of them has become really boring but you fuckin have to if you want gold.

Looking ahead it’s adding a scouter and doing more of the same. New raid which is cool but then it’s just farming gold on alts again for most of the week.

I like grinds but not this chaos dungeon guardian raid loop and forced alt play for gold. It just feels bad now, didn’t before but ya I’m burnt.

How do you folks stay interested and do you see yourself playing this loop for a long time?


For the first 5 months i played 6 chars daily doing EVERYTHING.

Then i rediscovered other games and started utilizing the rest system and accepted that ill just have a little less than if i minmaxxed, but lots more time to do other things too.

I enjoy the combat of lost ark and the steady progression of my chars, so i keep playing, usually daily but normally just a char or 2 each day, except for reset day :sweat_smile: i go hard on reset and clear all weekly content.

1505 main, 5 x1415+ all at least 4x3.

Prepped for clown and im currently a bit lost waiting for more content, luckily Factorio is helping the downtime


What you describe is named burnout, and it’s perfectly normal if you’ve been pushing yourself to farm everything everyday.

This is a game, for Regulus’ sake. If you’re not having fun playing it, give it a rest and come back later. I’ve had a few months where I only logged on for the raid with my static, but now I’m having fun trying to invest on my alt sorcerer and push her to 1475.


Its basically how every mmo game out there is, grind, make gold, get stronger, wait for new patch, repeat. Did you came from playing console game your whole life jesus. Have you seen console players? They aint loyal they have 30+ games.

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Nah I cant say you are wrong, I had 4 alts, dropped 1, lazy on another, then lazy on another.

My main is a gunslinger 1462.5 and Im lazy on honing but I actually enjoy GS alot (+19 weapon). I want to play her and the others, but feeling liked Im forced to - which I resent - so I dont play if I dont want to (which is correct - ITS A GAME! lol). Just GS for now until reset. I like the combat on GS and Glaivier.

Ill just have to see how I go, Ill play but if I fall behind in a major way through not playing anything other than my GS, then that will suck.

reset day do raids and chaos/guardianx6 same day or next day then…logout
login do daily on altsx6 then logout
login do daily on altsx6 then logout

repeat until next class or raid…

welcome to lost ark

I look forward to logging out everyday so I can ACTUALLY have fun in another game/mmo

lost ark has jack shit pve wise to enjoy as a group.
horizontal content are all solo farm or zergfest on bosses or islands you can afk on for almost every single one after getting a point.

you can literally AFK in lost ark on every content currently after hitting t3 and getting all skill points they locked behind horizontal content to force you to do them and mid-max dps kekw

afk busses on raids
afk on all islands after getting one point
afk on chaos dungeon mm
afk in guardians by making party finder with “plz carry”
afk in dungeons all the way to oreha or ride busses cause high ilv carries

you can literally afk almost the entire game and make gold


It’s a chore bacause you are making it one… I do chaos dungeons once a week for that boss rush ticket.

The game is great precisely because you can buy everything with gold.
Want to hone just buy from the market. Dont have gold ? Just swipe for a couple of skins and get 20-30k after a couple of days.

Tldr : you are getting burned out because you treat yourself as a slave.

I’m not getting burned out because I treat myself as a slave owner.

Well to be fair you can afk and get carried in all other mmo rpg’s basically, not something new

Then why are you still playing the game ?
And if you have quitted the game, why are you still posting in this forum ?
Again, as many other burn themselves out and still stay to trash talk, are you seeking validation?

u play less

Game not westernized enuff still retains Grind Asian MMOs known for. KR should be asking devs to make dungeons that complement raids with that $800m+ revenue. Instead they sucked SG dick for 9 months and wait almost 1 year with 0 updates for Akkan. Meanwhile other games release new expansions every 3 or 6 months. So we have to wait 1 yr for next update after Akkan? Despite pulling in $800m revenue which is enough to develop multiple AAA games? I call BS they milked fans which is OK I’m used to playing Asian MMOs then dropping them. NA gamers are not loyal like KR gamers :rofl:

NA move onto the next thing:

  1. DFO 1st release cash grab shut down
  2. Vindictus lasted 2-3 years never recovered RNG looting all changed life support
  3. A real elitist game Tera went F2P loli game dies off quick too never recovered
  4. Black Dessert never played stole a lot of PVP Tera players look where it is now
  5. DFO comes back tried it stop iunno tbh its better than Lost Ark imo
  6. Lost Ark ah yes lose >80% players in 1 month :rofl:
  7. Tried Soul Worker eh its an Anime game the usual dmg sponges

So I’ve almost seen it all and expected nothing less. But I think many people trying LA this was 1st exposure to KR gacha mobile games. Some part of you needs to like abuse the grind, the P2W, and BS gatekeeping. As usual the combat pulls you in, but like with Tera everything else sucks. Western release devs/publisher refuse to monetize the game for a Western Audience. Clearly Lost Alts is a cash grab like TL will be. It was fun while it lasted, but any MMO vet with exp can see NA is done. As we get more content, costs increase, barriers entry triple etc. The population will keep declining to the point game will no longer be profitable or inhospitable to F2P. AGS already made profit from the Founders packs and 1-2 months post release. The whales have stopped buying/playing since no incentive to when you make 50-60K gold per week maxed out main.

welcome to the reality where monotony exists

  1. I didn’t even report
  2. Where did i say I’m a simp ? I’m just sick and tired of people playing for 3k hrs then complaining game is too grindy, all doom and gloom. Resting bonus exists for a reason, if you can’t take advantage of that then you are just very dumb ngl.
  3. I also do agree with the daily being very grindy if i want maximum efficiency.
  4. Throwing a tantrum like a kid from some questions that you are not answering prove you have some very big issues. Get some help bruh.

says he didnt report but as soon as i edit you know what happens?
you get a notification again hence your now reply lmao good one

woah be careful man if i didnt know any better i’d think you were throwing a tantrum

Lmao, ok, im throwing tantrums, alright, you win
In case someone doesn’t know the nuance, this is how you deal with kids that you don’t want to deal with anymore.

getting kind of aggressive man if i didnt know any better i’d think you were simping for me now

Really, it does good if you take a break from Lost Ark and then later you can enjoy the game again.
Play constantly making dull themselves.

Get used to learn to miss a few things, you would realize that’s not a big deal.

lol right? I have like 1k+ games on steam

aint no1 loyal to anythang, why people expect to play 1 game forever?

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Completely agree w op, i’m doing 18 raids every week, argos, valtan and vykas on 6 characters. I only find argos boring, happy i don’t need to do it on my main in a few weeks once clowns out. I look forward to doing legion raids every week. I only do chaos on 5 characters per day, double rest bonus guardian and chaos on my other 6/11 characters. I only play <2ish hours per day and log off since i’ve gotten all my horizontal stuff that i need done already. Have all skill points, both epic wealth runes, 9 igneas, etc. i would just do as much dailies and gold making things as you can and just log out. This game isn’t meant to be played 10hrs+ per day.

it’s a shore indeed. It’s good that you have rested bonus unlike other mmos. An hour a day is enough with 3 hours on reset day to do most stuff with rested. I do that until new patch or content comes out.

Its a give and take. If dont like theres plenty of games in the market. Its in our nature to get bored of repetition.