Found a trend within the 1500+ community

People who are ilvl 1500+ only party with 1500+

Saw it in even Argos, Valtan, and Vykas. They only let 1500+ players join. I saw so many 1445-1475 properly geared players gets denied in Argos. This is hilarious.


Depends on the region, there just isn’t that many players that bother doing argos for cards in SA, so I accept anyone with relic set with my big boys. But yeah, in general I’d rather play with people around my same ilvl, what’s wrong with that?


Why do you feel entitled to being invited by high ilvl people?

Do you just not want to play with people your own ilvl?


Of course ilvl makes a huge difference in completing the raid within a timeframe. Players has 36+ raids to do on their 6 gold earners. Blame the game not the player.

It really depends on the time and situation. Mornings there’s barely any players so its first come first serve and late afternoon is where party lobbies starts to build up leaving the host quite a few options of players to pick and denied.

I don’t go that far, but I do tend towards higher item level.

If I’m looking to knock out some quick Argos runs, a 1415 title the lobby “p3 quick juicers” just looks like you want a carry.

I don’t really look beyond the lobby leader though. As long as I’m not the only 1500+ suffering through driving a free bus.

Same here. I usually just get at least 1-2 other 1500+ and idc about the rest. The thing would be soloable if not for sun/moon split, no point to be so hellbent on having full 1500+.

Same for Valtan tbh, i grab a couple 1445-1470 ppl if the rest of the lobby is already juiced. Sometimes some 1500+ ppl leave, but idc. Valtan soloable why people care so much about someone being helped out I’ll never know.


This is how most static guilds work. It is sad that some get too picky.

I join whatever I see in a player listing that says “reclear”.

Yeah i do mine with guildies and we just fill with whoever no matter their ilvl. I do check roster level/gear since we do 2x orb i dont want them to wipe us.

We are mostly all previously Solo bussers who got tired of waiting to fill lobbies/deal with undercutters. We really dont care if someone is “leeching”, we just want to get our run done for the week and move on.

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For me it depends on the raid. For argos and valtan, I am generally less picky about it. Argos I am more less picky because if 2-3 guys are 1460+ juiced usually invite a few low ilvl is fine. Valtan pretty much the same as long they don’t f up the orb mech g1.
Vykas hm is a different story for me because the horrors of going into that raid with people that are badly gear’d is a nightmare and I gotten jailed before so never again. I am fine with 1460 ilvl but if they aren’t 4x3 or level 5 gems or higher I am gonna reject.

because we are passed the point of wanting to clear and we are at the point of clearing as fast as possible

your properly geared 1445 will still get into argos parties
you should just stop expecting to be accepted with 1500s


Lets take example i have 6 alts above 1520
I dont want to make a group with people that are 1445 for valtan i want people with 1500 + that will kill it with 0 problems even with no supports
Valtan Hard is a side content at this point u just need 8 people 1500 + and the raid is done 99% of the time

You can duo bus that thing at 1500. You really dont need 8 players 1500+ for 99% success lol.

This week i ran a group with 3x 1520+ everyone else under 1500 and we still killed G1 before it even went purple, and we still skipped most mechanics on g2.

Not like you can skip much anyway so whats the point of having so much damage. Still have to do orbs x2, still have to do balthorr, still have to do 2x arena break mech, x16 mech, etc.

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you can solo valtan at 1500+ meaning that taking 1500s makes it that even if everyone sniffs glue you can still finish it

still have to do balthorr

no people just die because they never learned how to do the mechanic without balthor

also the difference is that he doesn’t do any patterns that can potentially wipe the raid
the only thing that can wipe the raid is the transition

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I’m not sure which mechanic you’re thinking but I’m talking about x130. You can’t do it without balthorr unless you stop dps to break enough pillar for everyone to pick an orb, or you let 2 ppl die. Either way having too much dps still pointless because you have to go thru the transition.

In a full juiced party we got him down to x8 bar before the transition, still had to wait out all mechs, what’s the point lol

I’m not sure which mechanic you’re thinking but I’m talking about x130. You can’t do it without balthorr

how do you think helltan is done?
because if he just does a mech after mech the raid ends in 4-5minutes instead of 10

in helltan you use wei the moment in normal valtan u use balthorr my guy, you had 5+1 blue orbs at the point when you get sidereal, at this point you either have to balthorr to make everyone survive, stop dps so you can get a 4th pillar break or let 2 people straight up die

in hell mode you arent in a position where you pushed him so fast that you cant get 8 orbs

You seem to completely ignore the “if you have too much dps”.

I know how to do the mechanic without balthorr. But you cant do that in a juiced hard run because you dont get enough orbs out unless you stop dps, in which case why have too much dps.

My super juiced valtan (full 1540+ lobby with 2 1590) took 2min for g1 and 3:40 for g2.

My 2x 1560 and rest under 1500 took 2:15 for g1 and 5min for g2.

My 3x 1520+ and rest under 1500 took 2:20 for g1 and 4:15 for g2.

2minute saved by having a juiced lobby… big deal

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we pushed valtan to phase on ilvl before he chardges the 4th pillar

balthor is done for comfort not because it’s necessary
and as the fight takes place balthor is available at that time so why not use it anyway?

2nd balthor on the other hand is often not available

if you mean phase him to stage opening without doing blue mech then thats luck not guaranteed, i had numerous runs where we pushed him to 60 bars off the stagger from the 3rd wall break and he still did the mech

and if you mean just force him into the blue mech before the 4th charge then thats exactly what we are talking about, you only have 6 orbs at that point and 2 people will die