Found the new bug!

I found it! I was wondering what the update broke (like most of you I suppose) and I found it! The labs slots in stronghold are gone. I can only do one research now.
You’re welcome!
Did you find more exciting new bugs with the update or that’s all we get this week?

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This has already been posted 3 hours ago. Please use this thread to communicate on the topic, instead of another thread about the same topic.

@Capsid uhh thanks for helping im doing this for like 30 or 40 min now XD

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You sneaky american! EU just came online, how are you able to play 3 hours before us. That’s disrespectful.

I’m from EU too :stuck_out_tongue:
But NA,EU und SA get the same updates. So we also share the same Bugs. :smiley:

I’ve no clue why NA servers finished earlier.

Yeah I just noticed this as well.