Founder´s Pack - PET Error/Bug = shown pet´s twice

There is an bug with the pet from the Founders Pack. If you get more then the three different pets, because you have all 4 Founders Pack´s, you will have one pet style twice.

I think, that´s an issue. All different pets should only be shown once. Like you get a Mount twice, this will also shown only once in the Mount-Inventory.

Hope for a fix. Thats confusing me.


Here´s a screenshot:

pet error

Here you can see, that i get this pet two times in the Inventory. Exact the same skin, name, skills and so on. Hope for a Fix.

Push. Hope for a fix. :slight_smile:

i have the same problem with the extra founders pack rewards today. dupe cats. please fix.

Same problem here.

Nickname: Cromo

Server: Azena

Region: NA

Please Fix.