Founder pack account wide

Hey guys,

after reading many forum posts i see many people have problems with how the founder pack works, i hope AGS will do the Founder Pack account wide not tied to one Character. I read so many forum posts how people deleted their characters accidently, have enourmous queue time, opened it on another server accidently.

I think they should reconsider how the Founder pack works. I think i can speak for everyone that you should get one “full” pack where is everything in it, and a pack where skins etc are in for alts, so they if they want they can switch servers.


Hope the same for the Twitch drops.

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The founder pack shouldn’t be redeemable for every character on each server I think. And many will probably agree but that doesn’t change the fact that the poor communication and server issues are a huge problem. Many people didn’t KNOW that their founder pack and their character would be server bound.
While I can live with the servers being full founder should at least be able to go to less populated server to enjoy their head start, for the people who really want to play now.
Apart from that it should be made very clear that the founder pack is server bound and if redeemed from the store you’re stuck with it. Even if you technically didn’t “use” it.
I’d first work on better communication.
Don’t redeem the founder pack, roster rewards, newcomer quests and daily log ins unless you’re positive you wouldn’t mind losing it if you’re switching to another server.
(I’m not sure if log in bonuses can be redeemed on other servers so correct me if I’m wrong)
Another question would be what do we do with the players that already redeemed it but want or have to play on another server and create a new character?
Judging by Twitter and the game many redeemed it but at the same time are hopping servers. Will they ever get their reward back?
I don’t think so to be honest

I think Server bound is also a good option, but what i meant with the pack for every character not the full pack with crystals, etc which are account wide. Just with Skins, mounts and the pets. I think that is something that should be account / server wide for every character.
And i think login rewards are one time only.


Before you claimed it, it legit said it when it was in your product inventory

To what are you referring exactly?

Was it a text box popping up you could click away? In that case I think many people didn’t even notice it and closed it either because they didn’t bother or out of reflex.
To me personally it is not the first intention that I lose essentially everything when I switch servers.
And I think many people share this expectation.
GW2 and OSRS also let you switch server anytime so people used to those MMOs might’ve been really confused.

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I’m assuming it’s about claiming the founders pack.

Okay, I can see how skins accoutnwide makes sense. Showing your status and all that lol
Yea, I agree there’s no reason the founder skins should only be on one account.
Is the title or badge you get also character bound?

Dont know if the Badge is character bound but i know the title is account wide.

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Just go into the database and make the skins account bound and mailable to other characters on the account even on different servers. They can only be worn by one toon at a time anyway and lock them to the class they were opened on.

You’re welcome and send the cheque for my consulting fees poste haste please.


i really hope they do that.