Founder Pack Redeem

well you should decide that before launch. :smiley: the 1st character you login to will get all the stuff by mail.

cant really decide as i need to ping check in game first

Try this…

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yea i know but it still not as accurate as playing the actual game . i used this on beta. it is not so accurate. Beside that, when the game official launched the server might make changes again , need to monitor it

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Mmm and what happens if I want to glance at the server and after, I decide on another server?

Your pack will go to your the Product Inventory first, you will be able to claim it from there to whatever character/server you want, ONCE you redeem it from this inventory it is locked


Wait… Does this mean that if someone were to create a character on let’s say Kadan (without intending to use the Founders Pack yet). Then finds he doesn’t like the server and wants to reroll to Trixion. He won’t be able to use the founder’s pack on Trixion? Since it got auto-delivered to Kadan (without his intention)?

That would be very unfortunate as we really don’t know what servers will be like. Especially if you find out a lot of people you know are on another server and you want to switch.


This is just bad design. What happens with 1000’s of new players that dont visit the forums, dont know this information, start bouncing around the servers at launch till they settle on one and realise the pack was locked to another server. The forums are gonna explode!!


I just hope the launch will be smoother than New World’s then since i hate sitting in queues when i could just migrate to a lesser populated server to… you know, be able to play. If I’m stuck with the server I first chose there is nothing i can do on my end to mitigate this issue. Let’s say i have my doubts this will play out without issues :slight_smile:

if you have friends then you already know which server they will be on, chose wisely!

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how does this work if you buy a bronze then upgrade to gold etc during headstart already having multiple characters on multiple servers. What also happens if you delete the first character you made and then make another character on a different server. Are you permamarked as having a “home server” on first character creation?

Even tho roxx made the statement ‘it creates the packs once you login and make a character’ its too vague of an answer and conflicts with other information. The best info around is that it goes to Roster/Account storage, then you pull it from that to the character you want on the server you are on. Once you pull some items to your character then they will be used up/bound to that character. So dont just pull all the chests out of the account/roster until your on the character and server you want. The other info is there is no expiry time for them sitting in the storage.


the .0000000001% of players will be shit out of luck then.

maybe just… don’t bounce around servers like a manic pixie.


So the way it states from the site about launch details

"Founder’s Packs will be delivered to your account’s Roster Storage, and from here you will be able to obtain the contents and apply the skins to the characters of your choice. "

seems to be going to have a lot of angry people because it says account and not server which most people don’t think of account and server as the same thing. It is already one where can’t claim on other servers once claimed is something some people have trouble with but now they get stuck if going to play with friends of potentially not being able to play the game at all if the friends start on a server where these is a big queue.

Wonder just how bad this is going to get.

That does not change the fact that its bad design. And it will be the vast majority of players who this would affect, not the miniscule number your stating. So they login early access on the 8th get plat packs locked to the server, then the real launch hits and theres 8 hour queues on their server through no fault of their own but your response is ‘shit out of luck’ dont bounce to another server?

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You’re saying what ever server we first create a character on will be the one all of our benefits are on? This won’t be a problem for me but those poor souls in the EU may be screwed. Imagine logging onto a server where no one speaks your language and all the founder’s pack benefits you paid for are stuck on that server.


By my understanding that’s what Roxx’s statement implies yes.

why cant i create character and decide the founder pack if i like the region/server? if it bound on first char , i would not recommend people buying on day 1 for founder pack

In Korean version, you have a Server Change icon in your Character Selection screen, and you can switch servers by paying a bit of money. I think we will get similar services, so just make use of that.


thanks… but region wise no?