Founder pack skins gone

Hello, I claimed the founders pack from the product inventory, then hit claim on the next window but i dont have any of the chests any where in my inventory to claim the skins, pet etc…not sure whats going on but some help would be appreciated

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I’m sorry for this issue that you are experiencing while claiming your founders pack rewards.

I recommend to double check and see if it allows you to claim it again on the product inventory. Once claimed you will get your founders pack chest on your inventory that you can one and get all the rewards.

If you are not seen it, I would recommend to try to re start the game and also verify the integrity of the game files. Steps to do it will be on the link below:

If you need more support and this troubleshooting steps don’t work please contact our live chat support, Contact Us | Amazon Games

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Hey @Dim I did all those things you recomended cause the same thing happened to me and my founder’s skin is still gone. Anything you could do to help?

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I’m sorry to hear that the troubleshooting shared before did not help on your case.

I would recommend you to get in contact with a representative from the live channels to make the report on your specific situation.

Contact Us | Amazon Games

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The person I originally spoke to was a live agent I thought. He sent me the previous email copy of the escalation he sent, which it looks like you responded to. Is there a phone number I can call? Kinda sucks I spent 100 dollars that just vanished. Just let me know who I need to contact act please.


Can I have a phone number for the department that can help me with this? I spent 100 dollars and didnt get the product and am starting to get a bit annoyed that I cant get help with this

Hello @tropicblu

I’m sorry for this issue that you are experiencing. There is not a direct phone number that I can provide you with right now; however, I invite you to reach a representative via chat or email.

Contact Us

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Aren’t you a rep? Do you have an email that I can reach out to?