Founder Packs gifted broken

I bought Gold and Plat founder packs from the beginning of the game
And today they gifted it again but I only got the gold one
Is it a bug or something if only they can gift 1 pack pls take the gold one away I want plat founder pack


Maybe gold gets sent first then plat? Wait and see if it shows up today.

Can others confirm this? I bought silver, gold, and plat editions. I really hope they don’t only give the lowest value pack… that would be a scam.

Imagine if they did this :rofl:.

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yo tengo 2 dudas, compre 2 paquetes y igual solo me dieron el de oro, y aun no me queda claro si ofrecen el paquete entero mas un plus o solo la skin la mascota y unos cuantos cristales

ok because I saw a streamer he got plat one mate and I went to check mine and only got gold one
hope it goes well or they can take back the gold one I just want plat founder pack :frowning:

These are rolling out over the day and could take up to 24 hours to show up, so there’s no need to worry yet!


I only got royal crystals no ide how much sense shop broke but ye bought plat and gold 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

oh really thank you I’ll wait for it

Hey @Roxx im still missing my original Platinum founders pack, its been gone since the game released, any idea when I should be getting it back? Ive contacted support many times and I gave them all the info they needed and all I get back is a generic response saying sorry.
Im really starting to lose hope

Server: Valtan - US West
Character: Rzendal


how are you able to buy the platinum founder pack

u can’t this was a preorde limited time pack

I got both packs

I’m still waiting for my founders back to be granted on EUW… I got my crystals but nothing else

havent got mine yet.

Ayo my bois got the same founders pack they bought on launch, i didnt get any PepeHands

Only got gold as well… bought plat as well…


Bought the Platinum Founder’s pack but only received the Gold pack…

i bought the plat one only and got gold and platinum packs in my mail atm (got both crystals to)