Founder packs platinum skins

Any chance in the future of getting all the skins or at least a few more?

I hate having to pick just one(now 2) and be locked out forever of the other ones.

Maybe have a 1 year anniversary as another chance to get one.

This also goes for the Cerebus Mount.

Some of them have versions with different colors in the other regions.
So you have a decent chance of seeing them with different color and a different name.
Just not the exact same as founders.

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Which one would be considered the most unique?

Why cant you just stop caring so much. Pick one you think is cool and play the game. WHO CARES


I don’t recall what they all look like, but for looks maybe the Shadow Hunter skin because it has demonic wings.

If you mean unique as in rare due to low class representation, then maybe Deadeye? I say that without any source to back it up, besides reading that Deadeye is a hard class to play so less players would claim the skin on it I assume.

The skins have a 3 trade limit on them iirc

I’m still learning the game so you can sell it in the auction house?

Yes, and it requires gold and pheon coins to purchase the skins on the Auction House.

So it’s possible for someone to own all the exclusive platinum skins?

Possible yes, but they are probably paying a large price tag. To get all 15 (I think?) skins they would need a bit of gold and pheon coins. The skins were cheaper last week after launch, they’ve over doubled from when I last checked. But with second founder chests going out they may drop in price for a few days if the market gets flooded.