Founders cant login?

What’s the benefit of X thousand people buying a Founders pack if they don’t even have a reserved server slot? Why are people who downloaded the game for free getting priority? Why not prioritize people who paid for the game even though they didn’t have to in order to play?

So why did people buy the Founders pack if they don’t get anything out of it? Just so they could play 3 days earlier and get the pet that everyone gets from the regular quest?

I don’t understand why mate every time such an issue, the mention of this game is already 8 years old and it was clear that X thousand people would want to play it, you underestimated the whole thing just like with NW. You could have learned from your mistake but instead you repeat it.

Just this yes. Founders paid for 3 days, got it, and now we’re just like everyone else.

Tell us where anything states F2Players are “getting priority anything over Founder’s purchasers”.


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Lol, I mean they never sold you a priority Queue. You got 3 days before launch.

Why would founders get a priority over free to play players? That’s just silly. Nowhere in the founders pack did it ever say we would priority in queue. What we paid for and what we got was three days early access, the title, pet, and mount and variety of utility chests.

Playing 3 days before release would be fine if there weren’t 20k people queuing and one day it didn’t go at all. But the point is that why did they offer a founders pack if it didn’t benefit anyone. They knew a lot of people wanted to play the game. The same mistake happened as with New World, they released it with few servers and no one could play anywhere.

Yes nowhere was it written that Founders should be a priority but it was clear to everyone who was waiting for the game that it would turn out exactly like that even after the NW experience. As I wrote, once again the whole situation was underestimated, nothing is running as it should, people who just downloaded the game are playing in peace and those who paid for it can’t play because people who just downloaded it got pissed off. That doesn’t seem like the right move by AGS or Smilegate. Or are you telling me that a person who paid 100€ is on the same level as a free-to-play player and not entitled to priority play?

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“why did they offer a founders pack if it didn’t benefit anyone.”

Well that’s not true at all - which seems to be a thing with you.

People played during the three day headstart. Because YOU didn’t, for whatever reason, doesn’t mean nobody else did. Why do you keep saying, “nobody could play” which isn’t true at all.

You paid for a headstart (not guaranteed a minimum number of hours) and the included virtual items and currency. Nothing more.

And yes, I’m telling you that anyone who payed any amount is on the “same level” (your words) as F2Players … because that’s specifically what was stated before anything even went on sale.