Founder's crate duplication

I bought 2 founder’s pack (don’t ask), the bronze and gold one.
I purchased the bronze one before starting to play and the gold one after some 6-7h of gameplay.
All went well, got everything I should have.
But 20-30mins ago I went to the character selection screen to do some business and when login on my character that had taken the gold crate, I had the possibility to take a second gold crate, and like an idiot I did. Now I did not open it it’s just sitting in my inventory for now. If i am authorized to keep it, very nice. Don’t ban me please. I suppose it’s not an intended behavior.

Just opened the shop to buy the crate that gives 2600 crystals upon lvl 50 and yet another crate has appeared. I DID NOT take it, and still DID NOT opened the other.