Founder's Gold/Plat pack dyeable skins?

I purchased the platinum founder’s pack and was wondering which of the skins from Founder’s/Northern Lawmaker are going to be dyeable. I do know that in KR, RU, and JP, the founders skins for Sorceress, Gunslinger, and Striker are dyeable. Will these options be the same for NA release as well? What of the Northern Lawmaker skins?

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I think because they’re the older version of skins, they won’t be dyable :c

Absolutely not, the integrity of the designers must be preserved.

but that’s the thing in the original releases the founder’s skins for Sorc, GS, and Striker are dyeable. So if we want to keep the integrity of the designers as you say those 3 founder’s pack skins should be dyeable

yeah most of the founder’s skins were released way back and weren’t dyeable. but the ones for Sorc, GS, and stricker are dyeable in all the other regions, so it should make sense that it would also b dyeable in the western release

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They also are tradeable in all others regions but for now we are not sure about that for our version so…

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yeah they were in the shop in RU a while ago. you could buy them and sell them in the auction house or trade them etc… i hope they’re tradeable here too.

Looking at the latest datamines, the northern lawmaker should be dyeable.