Founders Pack & Amazon Gaming Prime Pack MISSING!

Hi All,

I’m sorry for this post, but I have tried everything including contacting the Amazon Support but nothing positive has come of this and I’m completely lost with how next to proceed as I can’t really find anyone else having this issue.

I purchased the Platinum Founders Pack from Steam on the 10th of February. After hearing of friends spending up to 15 hours in queues to join the game, before the game officially released as ‘free’ I decided to wait a few days as I don’t have that much time to play, I wanted to let things settle down so I could enjoy the game.

Upon logging in for the first time, after the release and when the founders packs were removed, I was disappointed to see that there was no place to claim my founders pack, I read a few articles and saw that some people had this issue so I decided to wait until this was fixed.

It is now the 19th of February, 9 days after my original purchase and I am still yet to receive the pack, yet my friends have now just received their SECOND package.

Ontop of this, I recently claimed an Amazon Gaming Prime pack, this is showing as ‘claimed’ on the amazon gaming website, yet again - these item has not been received in game and there is nowhere to claim them, in game.

I don’t want to sound desperate, and it certainly is not my intention but £87.99 was a lot of money for me, I purchased the package in good faith as I wanted to support the game and enjoy the content that it included, 9 days on I’m just being given the run around by Amazon support, there is no possible way of refunding this as Steam do not allow DLC to be refunded and with my friends now receiving their second packages, I just feel like I won’t receive anything.

If anyone could help me, or is experiencing the same issue I would really appreciate any help.